Create The Week You Want to Live

(I apologize for the wacky formatting. I have tried to fix it repeatedly and now would rather publish it than spend one more minute on formatting.  Perfectionists, I am at your mercy. 🙂

Why let your week happen without your creative design? 

They tell us over 90% of our thoughts are UNCONSCIOUS,
meaning we are not aware of what we are thinking, or creating!

Instead we think the same routine, boring 10%. 
For most of us is full of worry, details, scheduling, concerns,
resentments, frustrations, regrets, and unanswered questions.
Very few thoughts, in the whole scheme of things, are serving
us by creating what we want – because we are not even aware of
what they are.

Imagine being behind the wheel of your car late at night.
There are no street lights, only the moon is offering her silver shimmersfrom the sky (or the unconscious).    It is dark.
You are then instructed to put your foot to the gas pedal and drive full
speed.  You are going somewhere, but you have no idea where, or how to
take control of it.  You are in the dark and moving fast.

We are driving our lives at full speed, but in the dark.

What can we do about it?

Bring more of your thoughts into your awareness.

Create what you want with a thought, not a reaction.

For instance:  It’s Monday evening and you had another frustrating day
at work.  The same things, with different names, seem to happen on most Monday’s.
As you sit down to eat your dinner and suddenly realize, that they deep sigh you just
let out, and the intrinsic fatigue in your deepest self, is the same sigh and
weariness you feel most everytime you sit down to the table for your evening meal.

It’s a repeating pattern.

1+2=3 1+2=3 1+2=3

TRY THIS: After dinner, find a paper and pen and your most comfortable lounging chair.
Ask yourself: What would I like to remember about this week when Sunday night rolls around?

If you were sitting in this same chair on Sunday evening, and this had been a really great week, what
would have happened?

  • Would you be sharing the evening with someone you love?
  • Would you have received an unexpected $500?
  • Would you have lost 3 lbs?
  • Would your collegue have asked to resolve an issue?

Only you know what defines “a really great week” for you.

Choose one thing.

Imagine yourself FEELING how you would feel if your old friend, whom you have missed
so much, called you this week out of the blue and suggested having dinner with you on
Sunday night?  Feel how happy you would be to hear from them.  Hear their voice.
Let yourself enjoy the evening in advance with your imagination.

(Now don’t tell me you can’t do that!  You are doing it whenever you worry about the
way things will turn out…it is your imagination in action. You can do this- it may simply
feel unfamililar, and that is okay.)

Once you decide on a creative thought, here are a couple tips that may help.

1. State the creation in the present tense.  “I am enjoying a warm and relaxing evening with someone
I love.  Our converstion is refreshing, I am feeling alive and connected and hopeful
about life.”

2. Ask yourself if your creative desire is beneficial to you, for those around you, and for the planet?
If it’s not, you will not get behind it fully, and you are wasting your time.  Enough bad stuff happens from
the 90%.  So be sure you are in agreement, at your values level, with the outcome.  If so…

3. Give yourself permission to enjoy it.

I, Harmony, give my permission for Harmony to enjoy the company of someone she
loves and loves her.  Harmony is free to meet, or reconnect with human beings that are loving
and kind and supportive.  Harmony can feel good, or elated or satisfied.  She is authorized to
live her wildest dreams and feel content in the process.  I am behind Harmony 100%

4. Give thanks.   “I am moving toward my creations.  I am blessed and powerful and my heart
is full of gratitude as I enjoy the process of creating blessing for me and for the world around me.

You probably read a lot f blogs and take in a lot of information.  But this blog will do you NO GOOD,
unless you STOP, and take some time for creative intentions.  I wish you light and love on your creative journey.

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS Many thanks to Mark DM at Flickr for the nighttime photo and all the other photos so generously shared with the world.


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Robin says:

    Hi Harmony

    These are wonderful times when we can create the life we want, with a few techniques like you have so beautifully described.

    I love the car in the night analogy.

  2. davinahaisell says:

    Hi Harmony. What’s with all this wacky formatting? 🙂 I loved this post so much I read it twice. I see some LinkLuv in your future. That part about the repeating pattern is just like a song playing over and over in your head.

  3. Harmony,

    I loved that purple butterfly picture. DId you do that? What a great post about living with more intention and without guilt. We CAN give ourselves permission to have whatever type of life we want. It is always about choices.

  4. Hmm….well first of all, since I met the Lion, my life is anything but routine…oh, except at work. That’s just painful. Okay, maybe I need to imagine a better work week. Ah yes…sigh…okay….

  5. goldenzen says:

    ^/> ROBIN, You are almost always the first to arrive to a new post..were you an early baby too? You life radiates eagerness and vitality Thanks for your comments.

    ^/> Davina…I wish I could fix the problem. I think I would need to completely retype. I tried in Notepad, new post page, etc…same problem. What a mess. But really glad to hear you got something from the wacky words…:-)

    ^/> Wendi, No that photo is a NEBULA actually that an artist enhanced. I think it is beautiful too. YES, like mom writing us permission to miss Phys Ed or Home Ec! 🙂

    ^/> URBAN PANTHER You and your Lion! What a blessing. Maybe you were practicing this about a year ago…and Lion appeared.

  6. Simon says:

    Hi Harmony – Your post was so engaging that I had to go back and check on what was wacky about the formatting. Oh yes – I see now. It’s strange about the tendency that some of us have to concentrate on the small percentage of something we’ve created that is ‘wrong’ rather than all the stuff that’s good about it. Yet *other* people actually see the good stuff! I keep quoting from that Leonard Cohen song on blogs these days. Sorry if I’ve used it here before: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”. And you have provided plenty of light on creating a great week!

    By the way, I just went back and checked on the last comment I left here (was it really a fortnight ago?) and saw the interesting response from Beth to what I’d said about other people’s behavior not being our business. When *does* it become our business, she asks? It’s rather too late for me to comment now (and it’s a complex one!) but I shall be interested to contribute to the post you say you may do on the subject.

  7. Beth says:

    Harmony, this was a great post to linger over. I’ve already figured out what I wanted to remember about this week. Thanks.

  8. Evelyn Lim says:

    I like the idea of doing little exercises. You’ve got a great suggestion here. I’m going to do it during my quiet time before I go to bed tonight!

  9. tobeme says:

    Thank-you for providing a great exercise for creating awareness and for manifesting that which we desire. This is wonderful!

  10. goldenzen says:

    ^/> Simon – thanks for your encouragement…and…let’s do a joint post on it. I will write to you about that.

    ^/> Beth – Good for you. PS..I am still having real trouble posting at your site. I am not sure what is wrong. But I want you to know I read them, and write comments…only to find them, not showing. 😦

    ^/> Evelyn, Hey, your photo is here! Good to “see” you. I don’t know how to get my photo on others’ blogs. But glad you do! 🙂

    ^/> Tobeme – Namaste my friend. Thank you.

  11. Liara Covert says:

    Harmony, you draw attention to things that human beings can change by becoming aware of the power of deliberate intent. It is a matter of recognizing what current conditions mean. We each have unlimited opportunities to re-orient our understanding of what we think we want and where we think we are. When you believe you are not where you want to be, feeling what you want to feel, doing what you want to do, this tells you you are “out-of-energy-alignment.” You must evolve to believe you are already experiencing what you desire in order for that to become your focus, and in order for you to evolve into that vision. You must be convinced something is your reality before you awaken and discover you are playing a role in your own movie. After all, life is your own choose-your-own adventure.

  12. @Harmony – actually, I was very specific. I wrote down a The Perfect Man for Me wish list. I did it to remind myself that I would not settle for a man, just for the sake of having a relationship. Less than one month later, in walked the Lion matching all the qualities on my list. And the truly freaky thing is the Lion did the EXACT SAME THING, and in I walked in less than 30 days.

  13. @Harmony – to clarify, the Lion did not write a Perfect Man for Me list. He wrote a Perfect Woman for Me list. Just in case there was any confusion there. *grin*

  14. Beth says:


    thanks for the heads-up on comments. I did find one of your comments in the spam queue and un-spammed it, but that’s the only one I’ve seen. It doesn’t make sense, since an earlier comment of yours got through.

  15. Miruh says:

    Harmony, your concrete examples of how to create the week you want are supportive and do-able.
    Re: “(Now don’t tell me you can’t do that! You are doing it whenever you worry about the
    way things will turn out…)
    To visualize what you really want means ownership of the probable new you and maybe that change is too scary to go there! It’s more comfortable to hang out in what you don’t like until you work up the courage to make change, no matter how much you complain.
    Thanks for a great post.

  16. goldenzen says:

    ^/> Liara, Thank you. You say it so well and with so much insight.

    ^/> Urban Panther – your romance is an inspiration. I get a kick out of the Lion’s blog too. 🙂 thanks for sharing that story.

    ^/>UP – you are just silly giddy in love 🙂

    ^/> Beth, really sorry that is happening. I will keep trying then. 😀

    ^/> Miruh, that is so true. You make a great point in the courage it takes to make the change to have the life you want.

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