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Remembering to Treasure People

What If They Should Die Before I Wake?

Training Wild Elephant Project - Harmony Thiessen- Goldenzen

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This weeks lesson in Training a Wild Elephant is about the moment we are experiencing with others.  Do we realize, are we aware that moments are fleeting and passing and gone.  So too the precious people in our lives are gifts.  They are here at the moment.

((Learn About Training Wild Elephant series here)

I am forced to think about things I don’t want to think about.  To consider the emptiness without my precious loved ones – family and friends.  I don’t tarry there long.  And yet, these few moments of consideration help me remember:

  • how blessed I am to know them
  • how blessed to journey with them
  • how  precious the memories – much more valuable than the gifts
  • how sweet the laughter, the jokes, the practical jokes, the funny stories
  • how important are the big moments
  • how significant are the quiet moments that would sneak by me if I wasn’t watching
  • how much I learn from each relationship about life

What would life be  without him, or her, or them?  With that in mind, does it change how much time I will afford each one?  What if they were gone in am  when I wake up – would it change how I treat them tonight?

Are my priorities of time respectful of my value of persons?

My dad passed away over 20 years ago.  Just the other day I thought of him as I used a cookbook he gave me.  Before I could stop myself, or monitor my reasoning or harness my emotion, the thought passed though my mind and spoke clearly ” I miss you daddy.”

Funny enough, I never called him daddy.  I wasn’t close to him actually.  But my heart loved him.  And whether he was here in person or not, and irrespective of the timing, my heart spoke.

I don’t want to lose anyone.   I am almost always aware of the delicate balance of here and now and gone. It directs my behavior much of the time.

And still – this discipline reminds me to live with a healthy understanding of the now and a deep respect of the present which has already passed since I began writing this post.


Everyday is a Great Day to Begin

What are You Waiting For?

You and I both know that you have a great idea for your life. (At least one!)  You have seen it, heard it, thought about it, maybe even talked to others about it.

You may have researched it, studied for it, changed majors for it, borrowed money to do it, left friendships because of it, or lost your job in search of it.

‘There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.’ ~Buddha

You might have written essays on it, talked to counselors about it, put off important things for it, changed gears to find it, or lost love in the pursuit of it.

Whatever you can dream about – you can begin if  you so choose.

Not tomorrow, or yesterday, or next year, or when the kids grow, or kids come, or husband leaves or you lose weight, or friends confirm –

Today you can begin.

TOday can be the day.

toDAY can be when you put your first foot forward and DO something for your dream.

What can you do today?  Will you do it?

How about you go and do your first step (or any step) and come back and leave a note here saying…did it!!!!!!!


Talking About Yourself

Talking About Yourself – Is It Vain,  Should you Force Your Way Into a Conversation?

SO, here is the story – short and sweet.  I met up with a really great friend of mine today for coffee.  We were discussing friends of ours over the years and she said that some of our friends thought I had a dull, nothing, DUDD, borseville life.

I kinda dropped a jaw and burst out laughing.  My lovely friend said part of the problem was mine.  According to her, and frankly she is far from the first person to say so,  I am a great listener, but rarely say much about my life or what is going on.


You see I drop clues, hints, suggestions, subtle remarks thinking:

if this is remotely interesting this person will inquire for more details, show interest, maybe even be excited.

Seems I am wrong.  The way of this world is that you need to BRING IT my friend says.  You let your interest and enthusiasm for what you have to say capture your listener.


SO I need to ask – Do you talk about yourself even if people don’t ask?  Do you keep on talking if they don’t seem all that interested?

I am ALL EARS HERE…Talk to me and each other below.  YES I AM LISTENING. :-))))

How to Prevent Boredom

Tips on How you Can Prevent Boredom

 Prevent BoredomLife is such a ride! It’s not hard to prevent boredom.

There are sooooooooooooooooooooo many opportunities to be, do, create, think, hide, play…HOLY PEROGIES!  It doesn’t stop.

For someone like me who cries in Libraries (what a CRY BABY! 🙂 )  the world appears so vast and there is so much to experience.  I just don’t have time to be bored.  I am stimulated with the possibilities of what can be or what exists behind the covers and in the pages or in the next moment of the day.

However, I hear it from a lot of people – they are bored. And boredom is difficult as it leads to other unfriendly side effects: malaise, self-doubt, idleness, restlessness, irritability and maybe worse – losing our inner joy and contentment.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent boredom:

1. Welcome your Day – seriously, say hello when you wake up.  Treat the day as if it were a person.  Snuggle up, kissie- face. Enjoy.   And if that is just a bit over the top for you – at least say “mornin.”

2. Say Howdy to the Weather – COME ON PEOPLE.  After all the years you have been alive, and all the complaining you have done about the weather, and ALL THE COMPLAINING you have heard from others about the weather – can we just let this one go?  Simply say – is it raining, snowing, sleeting, sunning, blowing, blistering or black out?  Whatever ever it is – say YES

Because you can’t change it.  You can’t alter it with one thing you say or do.

But you can altar your experience of it!  WE can embrace the weather like our skin and say you know what – I live in it and I will make the most of it today.  What can I do in a hurricane?  Bring it on! (just kidding God)

3. Ask for Clues – One of my personal favorites.

All you need to do is talk to the big blue sky, GOD, Buddha, (whatever you need to call that WONDER that gives us Magic to play with everyday) and ask for clues.

Here’s how it works:

1. Ask for clues. (“Send me clues please” will work just fine)

2. Put your attention on the moment you are in, each moment.  I suspect not two hours will go by before you notice a clue.  It can come from a commercial, a phone call, a newspaper, blog, your puppy, your bird, your mom, taking out the garbage…literally anything.

3. Understand the first clue is just the beginning.  Don’t turn off.

4. Stay tuned, and pay attention.  What are your clues about?

5. To insure you get out of the rut – keep a written summary each day of the clues you noticed.   You don’t have to interpret the clues!  Just pay attention and there will be a thread you begin to notice and can follow. See where they lead, and say mmm bye bye to the boredom blues.

I must have a hundred tips to preventing Boredom.  But not enough time to type them all.  Love to hear your ideas – keep them clean please. 🙂

What Happens When You Plant a Good Seed in the Wrong Spot?

I think I have learned my lesson.

There are consequences to planting seeds at the wrong time, or in the wrong place, or with the wrong companions.

I know that NOW.  These past several days have been a painful reminder.

Join me for this week’s Friday Fiasco: THE STORY OF A GOOD SEED THAT WENT BAD.

(sorry I have missed answering my comments and scooting around the Blogosphere – again, blame it on the seed!)

In the Grace of the Moment,



Create The Week You Want to Live

(I apologize for the wacky formatting. I have tried to fix it repeatedly and now would rather publish it than spend one more minute on formatting.  Perfectionists, I am at your mercy. 🙂

Why let your week happen without your creative design? 

They tell us over 90% of our thoughts are UNCONSCIOUS,
meaning we are not aware of what we are thinking, or creating!

Instead we think the same routine, boring 10%. 
For most of us is full of worry, details, scheduling, concerns,
resentments, frustrations, regrets, and unanswered questions.
Very few thoughts, in the whole scheme of things, are serving
us by creating what we want – because we are not even aware of
what they are.

Imagine being behind the wheel of your car late at night.
There are no street lights, only the moon is offering her silver shimmersfrom the sky (or the unconscious).    It is dark.
You are then instructed to put your foot to the gas pedal and drive full
speed.  You are going somewhere, but you have no idea where, or how to
take control of it.  You are in the dark and moving fast.

We are driving our lives at full speed, but in the dark.

What can we do about it?

Bring more of your thoughts into your awareness.

Create what you want with a thought, not a reaction.

For instance:  It’s Monday evening and you had another frustrating day
at work.  The same things, with different names, seem to happen on most Monday’s.
As you sit down to eat your dinner and suddenly realize, that they deep sigh you just
let out, and the intrinsic fatigue in your deepest self, is the same sigh and
weariness you feel most everytime you sit down to the table for your evening meal.

It’s a repeating pattern.

1+2=3 1+2=3 1+2=3

TRY THIS: After dinner, find a paper and pen and your most comfortable lounging chair.
Ask yourself: What would I like to remember about this week when Sunday night rolls around?

If you were sitting in this same chair on Sunday evening, and this had been a really great week, what
would have happened?

  • Would you be sharing the evening with someone you love?
  • Would you have received an unexpected $500?
  • Would you have lost 3 lbs?
  • Would your collegue have asked to resolve an issue?

Only you know what defines “a really great week” for you.

Choose one thing.

Imagine yourself FEELING how you would feel if your old friend, whom you have missed
so much, called you this week out of the blue and suggested having dinner with you on
Sunday night?  Feel how happy you would be to hear from them.  Hear their voice.
Let yourself enjoy the evening in advance with your imagination.

(Now don’t tell me you can’t do that!  You are doing it whenever you worry about the
way things will turn out…it is your imagination in action. You can do this- it may simply
feel unfamililar, and that is okay.)

Once you decide on a creative thought, here are a couple tips that may help.

1. State the creation in the present tense.  “I am enjoying a warm and relaxing evening with someone
I love.  Our converstion is refreshing, I am feeling alive and connected and hopeful
about life.”

2. Ask yourself if your creative desire is beneficial to you, for those around you, and for the planet?
If it’s not, you will not get behind it fully, and you are wasting your time.  Enough bad stuff happens from
the 90%.  So be sure you are in agreement, at your values level, with the outcome.  If so…

3. Give yourself permission to enjoy it.

I, Harmony, give my permission for Harmony to enjoy the company of someone she
loves and loves her.  Harmony is free to meet, or reconnect with human beings that are loving
and kind and supportive.  Harmony can feel good, or elated or satisfied.  She is authorized to
live her wildest dreams and feel content in the process.  I am behind Harmony 100%

4. Give thanks.   “I am moving toward my creations.  I am blessed and powerful and my heart
is full of gratitude as I enjoy the process of creating blessing for me and for the world around me.

You probably read a lot f blogs and take in a lot of information.  But this blog will do you NO GOOD,
unless you STOP, and take some time for creative intentions.  I wish you light and love on your creative journey.

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS Many thanks to Mark DM at Flickr for the nighttime photo and all the other photos so generously shared with the world.

7 TOP TIPS ON HOW TO LET GO (pt 3 of series)

NOTE TO READERS: Due to the short week I had from my last weekend fiasco, the FRIDAY FIASCO post will not be available for this week.

(Part 3:The Art of BEING in my Own Business)
Thanks to the community of readers and commenter’s and a few thoughts from Ginger and me, we have created a series of articles about control.  We have discussed what is not in our control, what is in our control, and now – how to let go.

Have you ever tried to let go of: your child’s hand on a busy street, a $100 bill for a non-fat latte, a lotto ticket that has winning numbers, or an injustice suffered by your much beloved spouse on the job?  It’s not easy. 

Things get sticky, glued, tight, wedged, fixed, chained, hooked, pinned; life get’s stuck.

Well today is your “let-go” day!  Get ready to celebrate with my top seven suggestions for letting go without getting lost.


7. Write letters of release to those that have wronged you. 
Dear Sarah,
What you said in the staff meeting last month has been bugging the *&^% out of me and I have a few choice comments for you….

Once completed, read them over.  Laugh, cry, cuss or spit, but then, LET IT GO. (Don’t Mail It)

6. Clean out unrelated garbage and watch how YOU change.
Go for the garage, the closet, the trunk of your car, the storage locker or your desk drawer.  Clean it out; throw away what has passed, and give away excess and live light and lean, and then, LET IT GO.

5. Make a list of all the things you regret. 
Be thorough.  Go back to the list several times until it’s exhaustive.  Failed relationships, the shoes you should have bought, the house you lost, the job you passed by, or the kiss you stole.  Write how you feel about your regrets now, and then, LET IT GO

4. Call up loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. 
Those closest to us can certainly give us reason to control.  But you’re on a LIG mission, so you want to give them permission to be themselves, while you are honoring yourself.  Love them for who they are, even if they don’t offer you the same in return, and then, LET IT GO.

3. Ask yourself and then write down what are the most meaningful things in your life  and next to the item write a number from one to ten, one being the minimum and ten the maximum.  How much energy do you invest in each of the meaningful items in your life?  Do you like what you see?  Is anything or anyone being neglected?  Focus on what is important in your own estimation and then, LET THE REST GO.

2. Decide that one day a week will be the day you focus on all the things or people which you are letting go.  On this day, you give thanks all day for the power in you to focus on what brings you life and peace and goodness, and to let go of all that hinders you in your life.  Keep a journal about this day – watch for progress in how you feel, and keep LETTING IT GO.

1. And the number 1 tip- BE TRANSPARENT.  Think like the wind or clouds and become that transparent.  What comes at you, simply finds no resistance.  You allow it to come, and go, without judgment or the need to censor.  You just watch it, as though you are an observer of your feelings and actions, and decide to be without resistance.  You can choose to allow others to be themselves without it defining who you are, or what you are worth, and then you can LET IT GO.

Of course, we would all love to hear your tips.  How do you find the moxy to let it go today, and when it comes back later on to see if you changed your mind?

In the Grace of the Moment,


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