harmony thiessen speaker happinessHappiness is an inside job – with fulltime benefits

I have been sharing with thousands of people for over 30 years the joys of finding our true source for feeling at home – inside happiness.

You can learn more about me as a speaker at http://www.harmonythiessen.com


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  1. ursula lawson says:

    I am very touched by the web-site and this on-going spirtual awakening i’m on. My journey so far has been unpleasant but yet i still seek happiness with the higher power. One is blinded until the release of all negativity and open up to the real reality. My heart yearns for true love and order but at the same instance i feel as if im being pulled down by sheer ignorance form ones who have not discoverd the inner reality as well as the outer. I seek truth and accurate understanding. If you can assist me with this beautiful journey that i’m on please email me and share what you have learned. I believe we all are on a quest for truth and this is what i yearn to seek. With that said good day and best wishes.

  2. harmony says:

    Thank you for your comment. Yes of course we can communicate! Have you been reading different posts on the site? Is there a specific reference point where you would like to begin our discussion?

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