Silver Medal – Golden Effort

Simon Whitfield teaches me that a silver medal is a golden effort through discomfort, distress and with determination.

The Eclipse

Shadow selves are rarely welcome in our daily lives. Addressing or ignoring them can be exhausting. This lunar eclipse offers a moment of respite – no light means no shadow.

The ABC’s of Golden Zen

Awareness, breath and conscious breathing, and true compassion are explained in the precepts of Golden Zen.


Nothing is as it seems. I thought the man in the moon was the moon.  I have been taught that from childhood.  The moon was always looking at our world and observing, bathing us in shimmering silver and lighting our path in the darkest night. Now, I learn the moon is two-faced.  The side I…

Learning To Blog (Zen Style)

I have discovered that blogging, although they say it’s as “easy” as apple pie, is a bit more like a perfect souffle.  (They take years of practice!) In fact, to have a successful blog is an art, takes dedication, some techie tricks, and time to read and write around the blogosphere. My challenge over the…

Golden Zen Begins

I could have waited another 10 years. But the time to write is now. In fact, the time to live my best life is “now”. Golden Zen is about the exquisite breath of each moment and how to find it; how to feel the sensation of being alive and how to be happy without one…