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What I Should Be Grateful For …

This coming weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. 
I can hear gobble gobble and smell pumpkin pie already, but am I always thankful?



Here is a list of things I simply struggle with to express sincere gratitude .  I’ll bet if you read a few it will inspire one or two of your own.  Feel free to leave your THANKLESS comments, and  don’t expect thank-yous in return! 🙂


1.  I don’t feel thankful when people drive by and SPLASH the heck out of me and Ginger talking a walk in the rain.  Can anyone say drenched?

2.  I lack that loving feeling when I order a dark roast coffee from those cafes that keep them in the big urn and they are LUKEWARM in my cup from the first sip.  YUCK!

3.  I lack the gratitude attitude when the nail tech goes bonkers on my toenails and cuts them so short they radiate pain waves ~~~~~~for at least a week when I wear my heels.

4. I don’t go “singing in the rain” when I order a vegetarian pizza only to get home and open the box to find circles of PEPPERONI smeared recklessly around the entire surface. 

5. The THANK O METER is motionless when telephone marketers continue to call me, only to have me answer (finally), and find there is on one on the line.  I am now supposed to WAIT for them to find the time to chat!

6. WHO MADE MILK CHOCOLATE?  Ick!  Bring on the Dark Tones Baby!

7.  I am NOT FEELING THE LOVE when I try on several pairs of jeans to try to update my wardrobe to the latest size I require, only to find that designers have conspired to prove that the state of Texas and my bum have more than natural oil in common!

8. Have you ever entered an empty elevator only to discover that SOMEONE was there before you, and that someone had something going on “inside” that wanted OUT?  Come on, how do we become grateful for that?

YES a live in mouse!

YES a live-in mouse!

9. A few years ago I kept hearing the strangest noise coming from the kitchen when I was working quietly on my computer.  I couldn’t pin point from where, but I gradually got curious.  I WAS NOT SAYING “Well Blessed Be”  when I investigated to find a MOUSE living INSIDE the toaster!








10. Come on…you gotta write number 10!  Let’s hear it…

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS Find the toaster at Chiasso   


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