Most lives are spent waiting. Waiting for dreams to manifest, for trouble to end, and for life to be happy. Golden Zen reflects on the brillance of the NOW and the winks we receive from our Source to remind us we possess it all. Golden Zen is practical and mystical, instructive and reflective. You are my invited guest.

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GoldenZen is Back

Reflections by Harmony Thiessen

When I look in the Mirror - Who Do I See?


It’s been since NOV 2008 since I last posted here.

It is now April 2012. About three and a half years since I wrote here.

I got busy.

I thought I had nothing else to say.

But I did more, went places, stayed at home, and looked for more of myself.

Funny – One day I was looking in the mirror and I found myself.

No more searching.

I realized I was creating myself everyday by the choices I made, the people I hung with, the places I chose to associate with.

There was no mysterious search for WHO I AM

I am just what I am right now.

And when that happened – I changed again.  And a new creation began to emerge.

With that behind me, and in front of me-

I begin at Goldenzen again.


The Eclipse

Facing Shadows

This Saturday, August 16th, 2008 there will be a partial lunar eclipse.  Those folks living in Africa, Europe, parts of Australia and South America will be able to view the variance of light and form.

No light and therefore, no shadows.

Always at my side

My other self- always nearby

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get weary of seeing my shadow and maybe the shadows of those I love.  I am all for being the best I can be yada yada yada.  But honestly, my shadows, my darker side – the behaviors and secret intentions I try to hide can be disturbing and sometimes ugly.

I know, I know.  The Zen way would embrace the shadow and recognize the unity of all things.
And, I should do that. 

But sometimes, I prefer an eclipse. 

I love the light.  Although I look a lot older when I see myself in full daylight,
(did someone say WRINKLES!), I like the warm and enchanted feeling I get from light rays, both solar and lunar.  Yet hidden within the bright dance of atoms, there is the haunting shadow that lurks behind, waiting to appear at the most unsuspecting moment.

Have you been surprised or even scared by the shadows of those you love the most?

If it’s not my darker mishaps I have to deal with, it seems to be those ugly monsters slinking behind those I adore that cast a spell on my senses and send me reeling.

When I don’t know what to do, and my silence has been muddled in a gong show from my ego, I know where to go.  I go to my GOLDEN Zen: Ginger.

She reminds me that light shines from within and happiness is a fleeting plaything.   She can be content in any situation and offers little resistance to what she dislikes.   Instead, she changes focus.

She rests much more than I and makes no apology for being quiet.  She forgives me before I ask. Her love knows no resentment and welcomes even my dismal displays.

Sometimes self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others is just an acceptance of shadows.  Part of being in the light is our agreement to live in unison with what is hidden.

…Making friends with ‘ID,” as Freud would say.

But for this weekend, Saturday night (early Sunday am), I am going to relish in the dark and enjoy the lack of expectation I experience when I can’t see my way and everything is a surprise.

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS I am so grateful to the artists who help me say what I try so hard to say with words.  Special thanks to: I. Anton who has an amazing display of photos at Flickr:  and to Daniel Piulet for the use of his enormous gaze into the sky and moon.  You can find his display of photos at

The H,I,J, and K of Golden Zen

The following I offer as a continuing series based on the ABC’s of Golden Zen.  The purpose is to allow the concepts to be read without much commentary and absorbed by the reader at your level of consciousness.   You are always free to comment or ask questions.

H – Harmony:  In Golden Zen we recognize that the events and people in our lives are part of the harmony ( symphony, accord, concord, concordance, concurrence, consonance, rapport, tune, unity) of the universe.  Every one is connected somehow to the other, and each bringing us tokens from the world we don’t physically see and yet where we all belong.

I – Intelligence: You may remember from your science studies that the human body, plant life, and undersea mysteries are intricately woven in an intelligent complexity that baffles even the brilliant scientific mind. Can you even imagine the intelligence of entire Universe?  This is, if for no other reason, a powerful reason to learn how to be still and silent and visit the “void.”  The intricacies that exist, all in simplistic intention, can center you, and make the complex seem simple.

J- Jubilee: Golden Zen celebrates freedom.  In the biblical days, the Jewish people were commanded to celebrate a yearlong period of freedom, where people must quit working, slaves were to be set free, and if you had lost your land to anyone for any reason it was to be restored.  For us it is a celebration of imperfection.  Everyone gets a fresh new start – not from working for it or striving or conniving, but as a gift of grace, a restoration, a new day!

K -Kindness: This heart of kindness begins with oneself, finding the generous heart within to show kindness to your “form” without.  Many moral standards and religious ideals talk about kindness, to go so far as to put ourselves last and others first as a way of being kind and spiritual.  Of course, there are times for sacrifice, and we don’t diminish that expression.  Kindness to others however, can become strained when offered by a worn out heart and body.  Begin with yourself, with words and actions that honor the creation that you are, and allow kindness to become your nature.

 In the Grace of the Moment,


Thank you to the fine photograpers at flickr: Adrian Warren


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