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What if we Lost Our Ability to Choose?

My local CHOICES MARKETI shop regularly at a grocery store in my community called Choices Markets.  They carry organic foods and supplements, herbs and oils, recycled toilet tissue and imported bamboo clothing.  They even offer electric scooters to save fuel and nowadays, big bucks.

I make a choice to spend a bit more money now on staples, to help me and my global environment stay healthier long-term.

But, my choices have changed over the years.

When I was a child, I chose Mac D’s a lot!  Bring on the Trans fat!

Then as a young adult, I joined the movement for low-fat. 


I bought Cooking Light magazines, years of them and saved them all.  I cooked everything from Alfredo sauce to homemade ice cream – with no fat.  I was an ANTIFAT.

I have since gone on to juices, raw food, vegetarianism, and Ayurvedic.  You name it; if it claims to be healthy, I have probably been there.

It’s a series of choices.

Which way is my choice?

Which way is my choice?





Choice is the signpost of freedom.  Those who are free can choose. 
In times of great stress, they can choose calm.  In economic trouble, they can choose abundance.  In heated conversations, they can choose peace.

Choices are result of responsibility.  Those who are not responsible are not free.  Those who are free are responsible to choose and to be held accountable for their choices.

Last week readers participated in a fun research project where I asked them: would they choose to suck on lemons?  Many said yes.  But when I asked if they would marry for money, it created a bit of a stir.  Morally would it be right?  Or could they say how they really felt with it being public and all?  Some even wrote to me personally discussing love and money.

Life is what happens when we are making plans!

Life is what happens when we are making plans!

Our choices in life are challenging and exhilarating. 
We have a right to change our choices.

We can change our minds.  In fact, we better change our minds. The more you learn, the more you will change the choices you previously swore you would never change. 


And this is where we can get stuck.

We can chose to learn and change and be responsible for that change, or we can stubbornly insist we were right when we made the choice – and if it was right for us then, it is right for us now.
Yesterday’s choices may not be right for today.  Can you allow yourself to make new choices?

Let me give you some examples:

  • Maybe you swore that you would never read the newspaper and fill your minds with such garbage.  And then, you got a job as an editor of the local paper.  What now?
  • You told your daughter she had to sleep with diapers on.  She is now 13.  What now?
  • You swore you would never speed in the car, and now your wife is having a baby in the passenger’s seat.  What now?


Being present and learning to live in the wonderful now is a state of grace that allows for change.
The galaxy is constantly expanding, and so are you.  Maybe it’s time to check in with yourself and see if you still like the choices you made yesterday, or a decade ago?  

Only the beginning of the universe...imagine!

Only the beginning of the universe...imagine!


I love the way Byron Katie deals with this idea in her “work.”  Recently I saw her working on an intimate challenge with Oprah.  Oprah was struggling with resentment she felt towards relatives that repeatedly asked for money.  She felt that the relatives were disrespecting her by continually coming back for more.  Katie suggested that in fact Oprah was the one disrespecting herself and others by choosing to make decisions for which she didn’t want to be responsible.  If her choice in the moment was “no,” she alone was responsible to make it. 

I am guessing you too have updated previous choices to accomodate new moments. This community could benefit if you would take a moment to share your story.  Have you had to make new choices you thought you would never make?

In the Grace of the Moment,



Making Room For Change

Have you ever desired a change in your life so badly that you thought you would do anything to get it?

Only to find out you wouldn’t do what it takes to change.

Our view of change is often focused on the outside conditions or circumstances.  We don’t like our house, we want a change.  Our job is boring, we want change.  Our partner has grown chubby and lazy, we definitely need a change.

Maybe you do need a change!

Maybe you do need a change!

Change seems to be a mysterious solution to our retired desires.

What used to bring us joy resembles dust now – it used to be a “solid something”, now we just want to make a quick swipe and be done with it.

Of course, change in itself is evolutionary, healthy and expansive.  Gandhi often changed his mind.  An aide once asked him how he could so freely contradict this week what he had said just last week.  Gandhi said this week, he knew better.


Here is the difficulty:

The change we seek is often a change that must begin within.  Changing your circumstances may provide momentary relief, but in an hour, a day, a month, that same longing re-appears and creates a quiet disturbance in most everything you do.

What changes have you verbalized you need lately?  Maybe you wrote them in your journal, confided them to a friend, or muttered them to yourself during your daily commute. 

Before making a list of what needs to happen for the change to take place:

1. Make a new budget
2. Go on a diet
3. Apply for jobs across the country

Allow yourself to quiet for awhile and ask, “what change is required in here?”

There is no one here but you.

There is no one here but you.

There is no judgment, no punishment, and no sarcasm in that quiet solace.  You will find only truth and light for you to follow.  If you do hear accusations or recriminations – recognize you have no yet found the quiet solace and are hearing only echoes of your past influences.  Keep on your journey; truth awaits your arrival.

As you begin your inner change, watch out, the whole world changes!


In the Grace of the Moment,


PS.  My gratitude to Roger Garbett, a real estate agent in Philly whose photo was so appropriate to the message.

And to my friend, another Roger, whom I meet hiking ever so often, who graciously sends me photos of nature.

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