Most lives are spent waiting. Waiting for dreams to manifest, for trouble to end, and for life to be happy. Golden Zen reflects on the brillance of the NOW and the winks we receive from our Source to remind us we possess it all. Golden Zen is practical and mystical, instructive and reflective. You are my invited guest.

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Coffee Lovers and Meditation Unite

I am a coffee nut.  I admit it.  First thing in the morning, there is nothing finer than the smell of a great coffee bean grounded and finally dripping into my coffee cup.  I drink it strong, dark and black, so I don’t need much.

But by 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I am ready to escape the noise of my business life and find another moment to myself. 

Coffee helps me escape from my surroundings, and unless I am in meeting sharing conversation with someone else, I use my “coffee time” for a midday meditation time.

People often have a difficult time finding time for meditation so I offer a few techniques I have used over the years to get the most out of my java.  (Can be performed with tea or hot chocolate too I suppose, but the question begs to be asked, “Why”?  Smile)

How to Meditate and Drink Coffee at the Same Time

1. Go it alone.  This seems obvious but to some it may be difficult.  This is not the time to chat, or to call a friend to meet you.  It’s all ready too crowded with me, myself, and I.  That is why we meditate, to still some of the chatter going on inside in our own head.
2. Go it with gratitude.  Before you leave your car, or your office, or your bedroom, begin to say “thank you”.  Imagine the coffee, the time alone and the opportunity to enjoy silence and start the “gratitude attitude” mindset in motion.
3. Go for an empty table.  It doesn’t matter how busy it is, how many people are in line, who is talking about what on their cell phone, and how many babies are screaming.  You can do this.  It is about you and your coffee, that is all there is.
4. Go for the feel of it.  Put your hand around the cup and feel the heat come through.  What does it feel like as the heat enters your hand and begins to warm your entire body?  Bring your attention to the sensation and notice.  You may find yourself feeling comfort, welcomed, nurtured or just plain sweaty.  Don’t worry about what the feeling; just pay enough attention to your hands and the cup to feel something.
5. Go for the smell.  Smell the coffee and breathe in your silence. Use the aroma as a point of reference.  Nothing else matters.  No conversation is important.  You are entering your own world of sensation and peace.  Relax with it and don’t force your feeling.  Simply notice what you do feel.

Time outYou may feel irritated, distracted, busy, hurried, bothered, or nothing at all.  All of those and more is perfectly okay.  If you practice this meditation for 2 weeks on a daily basis, either at home or at your favorite coffee hang out (or at a new one you choose for this experiment), you will soon experience much more presence and much less distractions.

6. Go for the taste.  Stop and notice the feel of the heat on your lips, your tongue, and your entire mouth.  Notice the taste you often take for granted.  Be present to the feeling you have as you sip your java.  Have you escaped for a few moments from pressure?  This is your time after all to quiet yourself.
7. Go for a few long breaths.  Notice yourself having a sip, swallowing and then sitting back with a large, slow inhalation and slow, thoughtless exhalation.  Repeat this 3 or 4 times before enjoying your next sip.
8. Go for silence.  It may take you a few attempts to be able to disconnect from the noise around you, but it will take much longer to disconnect from noise inside you.  That constant barrage of words, thoughts, “should of”, scolds, checklists, fantasies etc… is a drain on your internal resources.  It is time for a 10-second break from it all.  So let your mind drift into space. 

Here is a trick I use to help me disconnect:

Focus your eyes on an object in the room or outside the room.  Stare but don’t follow any action.  Simply stare.  After about 3 or 4 seconds, your eyeballs will relax. 
(Usually, this type of focus is accompanied by a breath that is more “releasing” than normal.  You don’t need to force this breath, it just arrives on time by its’ own initiative.)
If you stay with it, everything but your focus will go slightly blurred.  And then stay, and breathe.  Make it a conscious choice to remain.  Your entire body will relax into the focus.
You don’t need to stay all day, but 30 seconds will make a remarkable impact on your state of being.

9. Go repeat numbers 4-8.  Do it as many time as you are comfortable with and finish your coffee (or not).

10. Go with gratitude.  Don’t judge the effectiveness, or how it should have been any other way.  Thank Life for what you just felt, and leave it alone, until the next time.

FINAL WORD OF CAUTION:  If you drink high caffeine laden coffee, and you drink several cups a day, try this meditation early in the day, before your entire nervous system is whacked! (smile)

In the Grace of the Moment,


PS The photo is taken from an article I feel is only appropriate to recommend to my readers who enjoy coffee, with or without meditation.  Visit Carson Valley Vitality for an interesting medical observation of coffee. 

Do you think this article is worth a read?  Do you DIGG it?



The ABC’s of Golden Zen

ABC\’s Of Golden Zen       Enjoy the 3 min audio version of the ABC’s.

I believe I could take any structure: 1-10, the alphabet, types of cars, types of trees, or names of people and share the principles of Golden Zen thinking as an application to that form.  Golden Zen not a belief structure or set of rules or way to “think” really, it is about a way of “being,” which is always vital and alive.

I am writing nothing new.  I am no guru or spiritual leader.  My intention is simply to take the essence of the concepts I am constantly learning and communicate them with my sense of being or my “take on it,” so that others may find a better understanding of the universal truths for themselves.

I chose the alphabet mainly because we rarely use it as adults.  The idea is playful.

Over time, I will write more on most of these concepts, but for our purpose now, I present this overview of Golden Zen.

 A- Awareness: This is not thinking about things.  Awareness is like when you see things you didn’t realize you saw with your peripheral vision.  The police investigator says, “What did he look like,” or “what did you see in the room?”  Unbeknownst to you, you saw a lot more than you thought you did – and it wasn’t with your thinking mind. 
Awareness is about the presence of you behind your thoughts, the sensation you have when you first awake and have no thought.  (Usually, that lasts no longer than a couple seconds)  Awareness is about the stillness you feel on that occasional moment in nature when you forget yourself and are surrounded by, and immersed in, the dense stillness around you.  Awareness is when you experience something for the very first time and you are left speechless, awestruck.  You can actually live moment by moment in awareness.

B- Breath: Our breath is a constant reminder of our Source.  We breathe without thinking about breathing.  Our breath brings a burst of oxygen to our hungry cells and transports our toxic residue outside the body.  Our breath connects us to others.  As we breathe in the air around us, we take in the presence around us, including people.  In fact, the air I breathe today in Vancouver may have been in Hawaii day before yesterday!  Golden Zen practice reminds us to become aware of our breath as often as possible throughout the day, and notice the grounding and centeredness that accompanies a conscious breath.

C- Compassion: Emotional response is not necessarily compassion, sometimes it is just drama.  Pity and “feeling sorry” for someone is a thought and a feeling that may or may not accomplish much.  Compassion as I describe it for Golden Zen is a space around a person/s that allows for the moment to be as it is, the grief or challenge to exist, and yet to remain present with support, no judgments, kindness and room for the next moment to bring fresh “manna.”  (Manna meaning daily bread or provision of what you need when you need it.)  The moment one moves into “this shouldn’t be this way” with the accompanying anger or ignited reaction, we move into resistance and create more suffering.  Compassion is a force to be reckoned with no doubt, but comes from a place of peace and abundance, not drama.

You have your own stories to tell around awareness, breath, and compassion.  We grow from sharing and listening, so feel free to do either.

 In The Grace Of The Moment,


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Golden Zen Begins

I could have waited another 10 years.

But the time to write is now. In fact, the time to live my best life is “now”.

Golden Zen is about the exquisite breath of each moment and how to find it;
how to feel the sensation of being alive and how to be happy without one thing changing, except for you.

I am only a student of the moment, and and a novice at my practice, but I have leaned in this direction for over 30 years. A slow learner, I have relinquished myself to the pleasure of learning. This is after all, a “practice,” and my aim is to awaken, not once, but as a moment by moment event.

It is my intention to create a space for the right people at the right time in your life. Those meant to find me here, will do so. I invite you to stay as long as you like. Your comments are welcome.


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