Smelling Wild Elephants

This week we are SMELLING WILD ELEPHANTS   (Learn About Training Wild Elephant series here) No I don’t mean US  SMELLING hopefully(although be sure you check out the PS) – but our noses are part of our awareness – to relish the sensation of smell.  To notice. To allow our sense of smell to open…

What if You Lost Your Mind?

What would happen to you if you lost your mind? Would you lapse into an abyss and live in isolation from reality, or could you actually find the peace and contentment that seems to illude the “mentally stable” society you live in? A provocative look at the loss of unconscious thought.

That is MY Seat!

Are you tired of being forced to stand on the bus or train to get to work? Don’t you deserve a seat like the rest of the people lined up at the station? Golden Zen offers tips on turning the daily commute into a series of great moments.

The ABC’s of Golden Zen

Awareness, breath and conscious breathing, and true compassion are explained in the precepts of Golden Zen.

Connecting In the Blogosphere

Wow! The more I wander around the Big “B,” the more facinating it becomes.  There are a lot of great BLOGS out there, and I am “seeing” my thoughts in many other voices. Years ago, it would have upset me to think someone else said what I wanted to say, and said it better than…