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What if You Lost Your Mind?

When is the last time you walked by a homeless individual and secretly thought to yourself that you were so glad that human being was not you?  Even worse, if they are mumbling long streams of undecipherable words strung together by expletives, perhaps you gave them a wide berth.  They seem to have lost their mind somewhere in the pain, memories, or chemical warfare and they are left undesirable, unpredictable and unpleasant.

We call them mentally unstable.  They seem to search for something they can’t find, and if they do, they instantly begin the search again.

The mentally ill often live a life of turmoil and isolation.  However, I have noticed within myself and countless others, some similarities with our minds that can be disturbing.  Those seen on the streets are sometimes men and women just like you and I who forgot to pull the curtain on their ludicrous thoughts, or just don’t care who “sees” them anymore.  Their minds seem out of control with obsessive thoughts and fears while they remain highly intelligent in various disciplines of science, mathematics or history.

How Well Does Your Mind Serve You?

  • Have you noticed that you mumble to yourself about other people, their behavior, what you think of the rain etc?  Perhaps you don’t verbalize your thoughts.
  • Do you find yourself worrying about the same issues almost daily, if not hourly? 
  • Are you content to be quiet and still or do you need the more sophisticated diversions and stimulation – in your case maybe you have a TV, iPod or laptop?
  • Does your mind always tell you the truth about what others think about you? 
  • Do you wonder at times if people were just talking about you behind your back, or if the driver in the car behind you is talking to her passenger about you? 

The street people are called paranoid, what’s your label?

  • Can you ever find an escape from your thoughts or do you need a drink after work or a joint to set a new mood?  At least you are not sharing a needle, so I it’s a more sane approach, and less risky.

Losing your mind, as presented in this series of articles can be refreshing, revitalizing and healthy, if you lose it by choice. What you find could signal a transformation, a state of contentment, and at times euphoria.

The key is to know how to lose one’s mind by conscious choice; how to empty your thought generator long enough to experience your real self, rather than replacing the pain and anguish for an escape into non-reality.

Your mind, which in fact is best defined as craziness, can mislead you and cause you undue suffering.  The unconscious mind injures relationships and stymies your ability to become all that you want to be.  And the unconscious mind, without the normal control panel set properly, will appear to the world to be insane.

I propose there is a place for losing one’s mind and finding the inner tranquility of a presence more vast, more intelligent, more stable than anything our “right mind” could conceive.  Each Monday, for the next 4 weeks we will address this topic and offer practical ways to lose your mind and find yourself.  You won’t appear mad, or lose your job!  In fact, you will excel and become highly proficient at the things you decide to do, because of the renewed focus and energy. Life begins to reveal new dimensions when you have the awareness to see them.  I invite you to join me for the journey and share your thoughts and experiences along the way.

At the very least, you will see the homeless (not to imply that all that are homeless are insane) or “insane” with a new perspective that could change the way you feel when you walk by them or they sit next to you on the commuter train.

Here are some highlights of the weeks to come:

Help! I Need To Lose My Mind: How to begin a conscious process of seeing life anew.
Help! My Mind Is Back: How to allow a gentle process (or awakening) of consciousness in you.
Five Sure Fire Signs To Be Sure You Lost Your Mind: What does awakening, awareness or consciousness “feel” like?
How Will My Lost Mind Save My Relationships?  : Allowing your new life to penetrate what matters to you most.

Be sure to sign up for my RSS feed and stay tuned.  This may be the spring of a new mind for you!

In The Grace of the Moment,

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That is MY Seat!

“Wait just a minute, that is MY seat,” the commuter demanded as she maneuvered around several younger people to take her seat of choice on the bus.  Momentarily stunned, the small group moved themselves and their belongings aside so this 40-something year old woman could have her “reserved” seat.  Although she got her bum on a cushion, there was nothing soft about her ride.  The energy around her seemed to simmer as the shock wore off and fellow passengers sat rife with animosity.

Over the years I have discovered the easiest way to familiarize myself with the “awakening” concept is to look for practical applications in everyday life.  If you have the chance to be with a crowd of people, your lessons are close at hand.

I live in a quiet oceanside community in British Columbia.  I teach business development downtown in Vancouver and commute to the office by bus.  The commute is quite pleasurable for me and I enjoy driving, but I made a decision that about 75% of the time I would ride the friendly transit system and give Mother Nature a break.

If you don’t use public transportation you may not be aware of the “positioning” that often precedes the ride.  Most people don’t want to have to stand for the hour-long commute, so they maneuver ahead of time, before they ever leave their home, to have a fighting chance for a soft seat on the bus.

People can experience intense anxiety, in advance of ever arriving at a bus stop or train station, wondering if and what seat they will occupy for their journey.

Can you imagine- actually raising your blood pressure, releasing toxic chemicals in your cells, and depleting your daily dose of energy so that you can worry in advance that you may not  have a seat?
Present moment awareness means you are awake in the moment you are in – right now.  Thirty minutes before the bus or train arrives, you notice that you are good, and life is good.  While catching a ride with someone to the station, you notice, that again, this moment is quite pleasurable.  The sun is shining, or there is a gentle rain.  Even the windstorm is okay, because in this moment, you are safely nestled in the shelter of the car.

It is a “practice.”  You simply choose to pay attention to this moment.

Today, I arrived cheerful at the park and ride only to find an extended line of close to 35 waiting passengers.  My anxious travel partner said,” You see, I told you we should have parked along the bus route and caught the bus ahead of these people.  We will never get a seat!”

I am smiling of course.  You see, in the years I have traveled the bus or train to and from work, I have NEVER ONCE not had a seat, unless I chose to give it away.  In fact, I am writing this post from my cozy aisle seat. 

How can you guarantee you will always have a seat?  Quit caring one way or another.  Loosen your tight grip on the future outcome, and embrace the seconds you are in, now.

If this moment finds you balancing yourself on a crowded train and holding the handrails for dear life, notice the strength of your body and your innate ability to remain solid while being tossed to and fro.  Discover within yourself how the experience changes if you let go of the frustration, and the way you wish it was, and how you deserve a seat.  Once you entertain a different perspective, you may be very surprised at what the moment has in store for you. 

Sit down and cozy up, your moment waits.

In the Grace of the Moment,




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