Remembering to Treasure People

What If They Should Die Before I Wake? This weeks lesson in Training a Wild Elephant is about the moment we are experiencing with others.  Do we realize, are we aware that moments are fleeting and passing and gone.  So too the precious people in our lives are gifts.  They are here at the moment….

Smelling Wild Elephants

This week we are SMELLING WILD ELEPHANTS   (Learn About Training Wild Elephant series here) No I don’t mean US  SMELLING hopefully(although be sure you check out the PS) – but our noses are part of our awareness – to relish the sensation of smell.  To notice. To allow our sense of smell to open…

Me and Wild Elephants

I decided to participate in a group project for awareness and it’s got me following wild elephants! I have been fascinated with elephants this year.  I have watched them on video, doodled them while waiting,  and planned to paint them – in fact a series of them, in an abstract fanciful style.  (Then I saw…

The Power Broker Bust (pt 2 of 4)

Somethings I Just Don’t Control There is an art to controlling what you can, and letting go of the rest.  I call it BEING in your own business.  So much time is wasted focusing on what is not in our control, that we are left fatigued, emotionally depleted, and oftentimes depressed.  It feels helpless to…


Control.  What does it mean when someone says that you are “too controlling” or, “Look Jane, this is out of your control!” Out of our pop psychology generation, we picked up a lot of terms that show we really understand what is going on.  (Or NOT) “This is my issue, not yours.” “It’ not you,…

Silver Medal – Golden Effort

Simon Whitfield teaches me that a silver medal is a golden effort through discomfort, distress and with determination.

The Eclipse

Shadow selves are rarely welcome in our daily lives. Addressing or ignoring them can be exhausting. This lunar eclipse offers a moment of respite – no light means no shadow.

Help! I Want To Lose My Mind

It’s not a request you hear everyday.  Most of us are quite happy to have our minds intact. Why would anyone inquire about how to lose their train of thought? There used to be a constant chatter in my head from worry, past regrets, future concerns, social injustices, sad circumstances, news reports, the state of economy,…

What if You Lost Your Mind?

What would happen to you if you lost your mind? Would you lapse into an abyss and live in isolation from reality, or could you actually find the peace and contentment that seems to illude the “mentally stable” society you live in? A provocative look at the loss of unconscious thought.

That is MY Seat!

Are you tired of being forced to stand on the bus or train to get to work? Don’t you deserve a seat like the rest of the people lined up at the station? Golden Zen offers tips on turning the daily commute into a series of great moments.

The Moment And Money

How do we reconcile the necessity for money with the peace that is possible in the now?