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Talking About Yourself

Talking About Yourself – Is It Vain,  Should you Force Your Way Into a Conversation?

SO, here is the story – short and sweet.  I met up with a really great friend of mine today for coffee.  We were discussing friends of ours over the years and she said that some of our friends thought I had a dull, nothing, DUDD, borseville life.

I kinda dropped a jaw and burst out laughing.  My lovely friend said part of the problem was mine.  According to her, and frankly she is far from the first person to say so,  I am a great listener, but rarely say much about my life or what is going on.


You see I drop clues, hints, suggestions, subtle remarks thinking:

if this is remotely interesting this person will inquire for more details, show interest, maybe even be excited.

Seems I am wrong.  The way of this world is that you need to BRING IT my friend says.  You let your interest and enthusiasm for what you have to say capture your listener.


SO I need to ask – Do you talk about yourself even if people don’t ask?  Do you keep on talking if they don’t seem all that interested?

I am ALL EARS HERE…Talk to me and each other below.  YES I AM LISTENING. :-))))


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