Next Year This Time

Will You Care About This Issue Next Year At This Time?

When you think about it, will the stuff that’s bugging you today bother you in 12 months?

WILL IT MATTER IN APRIL 2013If we look at the calendar April 30, 2013 right now – and you don’t  get your nails done this week, the oil changed on Saturday, the new running shoes you want for Friday’s group run or the job your friend recommended you for…


Can you remember what happened to you on April 30, 2011?  Do you think you were worried about stuff, ticked off, mad, irritated, frustrated that things were not panning out as you thought they might?  Chances are: YES.  But can you remember, probably not.

WHY?  Cause they just don’t always matter..most of the time, not even a bit.

So whatever has you puffing smoke or biting nails today, may well be worth forgetting about now.  Save yourself the endless struggle.  TRUST

KNOW YOU ARE good to go. And you will be, good to go in the future.

Here’s to memory failure!


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