Most lives are spent waiting. Waiting for dreams to manifest, for trouble to end, and for life to be happy. Golden Zen reflects on the brillance of the NOW and the winks we receive from our Source to remind us we possess it all. Golden Zen is practical and mystical, instructive and reflective. You are my invited guest.

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Next Year This Time

Will You Care About This Issue Next Year At This Time?

When you think about it, will the stuff that’s bugging you today bother you in 12 months?

WILL IT MATTER IN APRIL 2013If we look at the calendar April 30, 2013 right now – and you don’t  get your nails done this week, the oil changed on Saturday, the new running shoes you want for Friday’s group run or the job your friend recommended you for…


Can you remember what happened to you on April 30, 2011?  Do you think you were worried about stuff, ticked off, mad, irritated, frustrated that things were not panning out as you thought they might?  Chances are: YES.  But can you remember, probably not.

WHY?  Cause they just don’t always matter..most of the time, not even a bit.

So whatever has you puffing smoke or biting nails today, may well be worth forgetting about now.  Save yourself the endless struggle.  TRUST

KNOW YOU ARE good to go. And you will be, good to go in the future.

Here’s to memory failure!


Chimpanzee – Disney Video

I saw this video today on one of my favorite blogs The Kind Life. If you click on the video it will take you to that site and you can do a quick read on the status of these marvelous creatures. Jane Goodall is still working to change our mindsets and ignite our awareness.
My hope is that we as humans begin to evolve enough ourselves as to drop the arrogance and recognize the magic of life all around us – much of it is much more sophisticated than we think.

How to Prevent Boredom

Tips on How you Can Prevent Boredom

 Prevent BoredomLife is such a ride! It’s not hard to prevent boredom.

There are sooooooooooooooooooooo many opportunities to be, do, create, think, hide, play…HOLY PEROGIES!  It doesn’t stop.

For someone like me who cries in Libraries (what a CRY BABY! 🙂 )  the world appears so vast and there is so much to experience.  I just don’t have time to be bored.  I am stimulated with the possibilities of what can be or what exists behind the covers and in the pages or in the next moment of the day.

However, I hear it from a lot of people – they are bored. And boredom is difficult as it leads to other unfriendly side effects: malaise, self-doubt, idleness, restlessness, irritability and maybe worse – losing our inner joy and contentment.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent boredom:

1. Welcome your Day – seriously, say hello when you wake up.  Treat the day as if it were a person.  Snuggle up, kissie- face. Enjoy.   And if that is just a bit over the top for you – at least say “mornin.”

2. Say Howdy to the Weather – COME ON PEOPLE.  After all the years you have been alive, and all the complaining you have done about the weather, and ALL THE COMPLAINING you have heard from others about the weather – can we just let this one go?  Simply say – is it raining, snowing, sleeting, sunning, blowing, blistering or black out?  Whatever ever it is – say YES

Because you can’t change it.  You can’t alter it with one thing you say or do.

But you can altar your experience of it!  WE can embrace the weather like our skin and say you know what – I live in it and I will make the most of it today.  What can I do in a hurricane?  Bring it on! (just kidding God)

3. Ask for Clues – One of my personal favorites.

All you need to do is talk to the big blue sky, GOD, Buddha, (whatever you need to call that WONDER that gives us Magic to play with everyday) and ask for clues.

Here’s how it works:

1. Ask for clues. (“Send me clues please” will work just fine)

2. Put your attention on the moment you are in, each moment.  I suspect not two hours will go by before you notice a clue.  It can come from a commercial, a phone call, a newspaper, blog, your puppy, your bird, your mom, taking out the garbage…literally anything.

3. Understand the first clue is just the beginning.  Don’t turn off.

4. Stay tuned, and pay attention.  What are your clues about?

5. To insure you get out of the rut – keep a written summary each day of the clues you noticed.   You don’t have to interpret the clues!  Just pay attention and there will be a thread you begin to notice and can follow. See where they lead, and say mmm bye bye to the boredom blues.

I must have a hundred tips to preventing Boredom.  But not enough time to type them all.  Love to hear your ideas – keep them clean please. 🙂

GoldenZen is Back

Reflections by Harmony Thiessen

When I look in the Mirror - Who Do I See?


It’s been since NOV 2008 since I last posted here.

It is now April 2012. About three and a half years since I wrote here.

I got busy.

I thought I had nothing else to say.

But I did more, went places, stayed at home, and looked for more of myself.

Funny – One day I was looking in the mirror and I found myself.

No more searching.

I realized I was creating myself everyday by the choices I made, the people I hung with, the places I chose to associate with.

There was no mysterious search for WHO I AM

I am just what I am right now.

And when that happened – I changed again.  And a new creation began to emerge.

With that behind me, and in front of me-

I begin at Goldenzen again.

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