Most lives are spent waiting. Waiting for dreams to manifest, for trouble to end, and for life to be happy. Golden Zen reflects on the brillance of the NOW and the winks we receive from our Source to remind us we possess it all. Golden Zen is practical and mystical, instructive and reflective. You are my invited guest.

See You Next Week

Hi everyone!

I apologize for my non-attendence to my blog this week.  I have found myself scrambling quite a bit to catch up with what appears to be an overload of work.  I am also out of town and not able to access everything the same.

I will see you again soon I hope.

May the day greet you with peace at every sunrise and leave you with hope with each emerging star.

In the Grace of the Moment,






Comments on: "See You Next Week" (8)

  1. Oh dear!

    You missed a post!

    That is just…NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    I’m going to Contact the Minstry of Blogs, and lodge a formal complaint!


  2. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

    Friar, if there ever is a ministry of blogs, I nominate you to head it. That way at least we’d have good cartoons.

  3. soulintention said:

    Harmony to you—

  4. Congrats on a beautiful blog!

    Blessings of peace,


  5. Hi Harmony – you should be back by now – I need you to check out my Bloggers Recording Project – hope you can join in!

  6. Hi Harmony – I haven’t been round in a while – and now I see neither have you! Hope you’re doing OK. I’m told there’s a lot of waves of energy moving at the moment and I’ve certainly been feeling very disinclined to blog recently! Maybe you’ve caught some of that too – or maybe you’re just busy. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you when you’re good and ready!
    Take care,
    Namaste – Simon

  7. Hello Harmony,
    Hope you and Ginger are doing well. Miss your posts.
    Wishing you a very happy holiday season and may the new year bring much of your heart’s desires and ever creative moments!

  8. karenruth said:

    Hi Harmony…………I have had difficulty all my life with letting go of unpleasant past events…….I just found your golden Zen site and think it is fantastic.

    kindest regards

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