What Happens When You Plant a Good Seed in the Wrong Spot?

I think I have learned my lesson.

There are consequences to planting seeds at the wrong time, or in the wrong place, or with the wrong companions.

I know that NOW.  These past several days have been a painful reminder.

Join me for this week’s Friday Fiasco: THE STORY OF A GOOD SEED THAT WENT BAD.

(sorry I have missed answering my comments and scooting around the Blogosphere – again, blame it on the seed!)

In the Grace of the Moment,




6 Comments Add yours

  1. davinahaisell says:

    Hi Harmony. Sorry you had to taste a bad seed. But I know you and you are a good seed and will make the best of this. I look forward to reading about what you have learned. And, if there is anything I can do to help, you know my number. 🙂

  2. Hi Harmony – What a catchy title. I’ll be back to read “the rest of the story”. I’m intrigued.

  3. Lance says:

    So, now I’m wondering…what’s this all about…

    The suspense…I guess I’ll eagerly await Friday!

  4. Robin says:

    Oh dear – he must have been very bad. At least we will get to hear the tale!

  5. mergingpoint says:

    The title reminds me of a wonderful kid in the hands of an imbalanced and confused minded mother. how so important it is indeed to be a healthy seed planted in a fertile soil and governed by a good gardener.

  6. mergingpoint- if only my next post “When A Good Seed Goes BAD” was as noble as your comment. 🙂

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