Life Happens While We Are Busy Making Plans

I apologize to Ellen at Wilson’s Words and Pictures and to all her readers, for missing the timeline for the cooperative article I was to post on Saturday highlighting the example that Irena Sendler left for the world with her life.

The love of my life!
The love of my life!

My sweetheart, the love of my life, is my golden retriever, Ginger.  Somehow, without my knowing it she was stung by a wasp for a second time in only a few weeks.  Although the first experience was mild and not a issue, this second sting wreaked havoc with her body, and at the time of this writing I have not slept for almost 42 hours.  I wasn’t’ thinking about blogging on Sat, and I think most likely without Ellen’s gentle nudge today, I would have still forgotten.

Ellen did a wonderful job in her post The Tree Of Life, telling he story of Irena Sandler.  Irena found her magic in life by being present to the moment and becoming the solution to the need at hand.  I wonder if she ever tried to consider her “purpose” beforehand, or if she needed to journal for years to discover what her passion might be?

Her story suggests that she lived compassion, explored her creative self through problem solving, and felt her safety was worth the risk for the lives that could be spared.

I met someone who reminds me of this story today in the animal hospital.  He was a young man, no more than 23, or 24, who found the smallest kitten (think one woman’s hand palm and you’ve sized her up) in a field while working.  He decided to rescue this little life who wasn’t eating or drinking and was very scared.

I heard him talking to his friends on the phone while other ‘mommies” like me were trying to assist him during our shared long wait in the waiting room.  “Hey man I can’t go, I got this cat here and I gotta do something or she will die.”  He didn’t appear to the be typical rescue type, but love got a hold of his life through opportunity, and to his credit he was responding.

When I came out of the treatment room, he was up front paying for his visit and all the supplies they gave him to help the little kitty get nourished.  It looked to be quite the bill, and I was tempted to offer financial assistance to the young man, as I could tell he was a bit shocked at what was before him, both on the counter and in responsibility.  But just as I prepared to speak, I knew better. This was his moment to become more than mere human, he was evolving into his newer, more refined, more conscious self.

I know it’s easy to look at heroines like Irena and ooze respect and regard, but do we allow ourselves to be changed by them, or because of them?  Paul Newman died today.  Everyone who knew him described him as someone so devoted and dedicated to giving, that he honestly thought that what he did was no big deal.  He took advantage of what he had, and the opportunities before him, and took action.

I wonder what will meet us this week, and how we will respond. I am so weary tonight, and yet a friend called and talked for 90 minutes because today is the day she had to put her 15 year old cat to sleep. She was brokenhearted.  I made myself available.  What more can we do than become available to love?

I imagine this post would have been different, had my life been different this weekend. I would love to do it better service.  And yet, when I think of a better way to say: “let’s explore the idea of being more like this amazing and courageous woman Irena Sandler”, I am not sure that there is a better benchmark than the love I saw in a young man today.  He had no idea what to do when helping someone in need, than to respond with compassion and take action.

In the Grace of the Moment,
(and with gratitude for my Ginger’s recovery)  Harmony

PS. Many thanks to Ellen Wilson for her partnership.  Please make a point of going the her site and reading the story of Irena Sandler.


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  1. Hi Harmony – First off, I pray Ginger is doing okay.

    I love the story of the young man and the kitten. Your words, “This was his moment to become more than mere human, he was evolving into his newer, more refined, more conscious self.” rang true. So often we can easily help to bail out others, but if we do, they miss out on the journey.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the story about Irene Sandler.

  2. Davina says:

    Hi Harmony. I hope Ginger is better now.

    I believe that even though you were exhausted, you had the energy to talk to your friend because it was from the heart… that gave you the energy to carry through.

  3. You more than did justice to this post! And I’m heading over to Ellen’s now to read her Tree of Life story.

  4. Evelyn Lim says:

    Oh dear…I hope Ginger is okay. You have touched me so much with your writing. Your lesson is very powerful to me: What more can we do than become available to love? Your kindness, love and compassion is very much an inspiration to me! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Harmony says:

    Good morning! How wonderful to find my friends here.
    Ginger woke up today a new puppy. Her face finally looks like her again, no more symptoms; she is good. I too woke up like a million bucks. All is good.

    ^/> Barbara: And what a journey we are on! To BEcome.
    Thanks for being the first to post. I always notice who was the first to the gate – you are such a consistent and inspirational person.

    ^/> Davina: What comes from the heart does seem though maybe we are connected to More.

    ^/> Urban Panther- Thanks! And thanks for roaming around our parts. Irena Sandler was an outstanding woman of strength and action.

    ^/> Evelyn- Thank you for your thoughts for Ginger. I think it we remain available, love takes over and does it’s work.

  6. Karen Swim says:

    Harmony, I picked up the link from Ellen and your continuation of the post is beautiful. Lately, I have confronted some pretty tough issues that have made me think again of the span of life an how I live my days. I do not know the sum of my days but I do know I want them to count. I do not fear death but when it comes I want it to be a reward and not an escape. Irena and so many others with that spirit remind me of the gift that we can give to others with our own lives. I’m glad that Ginger is okay.

  7. Beautiful post, Harmony–straight from the heart. I’m really glad Ginger is okay. 🙂
    It’s the small kindnesses (which are actually really huge) we do every day that are truly miracles and lift us up into our spiritual nature–into who we really are.

  8. Miruh says:

    Harmony, thanks for this follow up to Irene Sendler’s story and your touching anecdote of the young man at the pet doctor’s. There are everyday heroes everywhere!
    RE: “I wonder if she ever tried to consider her “purpose” beforehand, or if she needed to journal for years to discover what her passion might be?”
    Maybe she just did what needed to be done that was right in front of her. A lot of us are seeking our life’s purpose and more often than not it seems, we are always at the right place at the right time for what we need to do.
    I am glad that Ginger is well again!

  9. Ellen Wilson says:


    I’m glad Ginger is okay. I guess you’ll have to carry around shots for her so she won’t go into shock if she gets stung again.

    As someone mentioned above, you did more than great justice with the story. You did just what anyone would do when staying in the moment – helped your dog. And noticing that young guy at the vet’s office with his kitty added to it all. Little compassionate acts add up to big compassionate acts.

    Well, I was worried about you so glad to hear everything is okay.

    Thanks again for the story idea. Get some good sleep! E

  10. Harmony says:

    ^/> Karen- I am so glad you had the chance to see the miracle Irena offered by simply BEing what the opportunity offered or demanded. Love is such a powerful source.
    And welcome to Goldenzen – thank you for visiting.

    ^/> Gloria, I am really enjoying my new relationship with you Gloria. Your insights help me focus my own.

    ^/> Miruh, Your are so right! We are always in the right place at the right time – always. We need simply to become aware of the potential around us. I am so grateful for your visit.

    ^/> Ellen, my thanks to you for your great post and keeping things going – especially me. 🙂 “Little compassionate acts add up to big compassionate acts.” – in fact, in the moment most things don’t get so big. 🙂 Seems to me we worry so much about our impact in the world, and pass by the elderly trying to get in and out of their car with groceries, when we have two free and healthy arms to help.
    One more sleep tonight, and I should be back in the saddle with flair! Blessings back my friend.

  11. Robin says:

    Hi Harmony – it must have bee a terrible time with Ginger – I’m so glad she is recovering.

    How you have managed to write a post with so little sleep is beyond me! ~ Robin

  12. Marelisa says:

    Hi Harmony: Poor Ginger, I hope she’s doing better. I can certainly understand why your mind wasn’t on blogging. I think that the young man at the vet’s office was showing a lot of compassion for a fellow creature, the little kitty is very fortunate to have found him.

  13. Lance says:

    I hope Ginger is feeling better…

    This story here today reminds me that sometimes we are called to inspired action because of the circumstances we encounter. Such was the case for both Irena and the young man you encountered. And it makes me question, do I ever avoid a “situation” because I don’t want to get involved. And if I do (I’m sure I have), what is this saying about me. What is life about, what is it that I value? I dare to say life is about service to others. We are a world in deep need for connections with others. And what better way than to be of service to those in need.

  14. Harmony

    This was a beautiful post. Your writing really touched me, so if you think it’s lackluster than man, your other stuff must be really good!

    I hope your gorgeous Ginger is doing okay now. you shouldn’t feel bad for forgetting about blogging when life takes an unexpected turn and you’re worried out of your mind. Let alone seriously sleep deprived.

    I love how you ask what can we do today to be more available to love? It’s a question we should ask ourselves every day, I think.

    Take care of yourself. Hope you can catch up on your zzs this weekend.


  15. Hi Harmony,
    I hope Ginger is doing well. (I love golden retrievers)

    You summed up why we are all here – to love. And when we are not loving, we are miserable.

    Every instance, every choice, every chance tests our ability to love.

    Ginger is fortunate to have you looking after her. You both get to exercise love and harmony for each other.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories – all examples of love in action.

  16. goldenzen says:

    ^/> Robin, did I write a post?

    ^/> Marelisa, as you teach us all the time, abundance is everywhere!

    ^/> Lance, you are always thoughtful…meaning you mention ways you are looking into yourself. What a champion characteristic!

    ^/> Kelly – thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. I am very blessed by my community of friends online.

    ^/> Alexys – sounds like a theme I read recently on your site! 🙂

  17. Beautifully done. I’ve had some of that life get in the way myself lately and I can relate. But you certainly made a sweet drink from your lemons. You’ve connected us to many kind souls in your writing. Thank you.

  18. Harmony says:

    Tom – Wow…thank you. Those are some sweet words yourself!

  19. Liara Covert says:

    It makes sense to realize that we are each our own inspirations. You point out that human beings can become more available to love. This is often true. Yet, whatever you are living is only as real as what you permit yourself to create and experience inside. If you do not choose to love and accept yourself, explore what it means unconditionally, then you will not know when love is inviting you to experience or reinforce beneficial things outside of yourself.

  20. goldenzen says:

    Liara, YES, it begins within before it ever becomes a force for life outside. Thank you.

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