Life Happens While We Are Busy Making Plans

Irena Sandler changed the lives of over 2000 children by risking her life to rescue them from certain death in the Holocost. How can we get past our search for meaning and simply BEcome the love of action in the moment?

Friday Fiascos: Sad Sob Stories Get Attention

When it’s time to write a blog post to get that needed attention: Write A Sob Story! Kleenex anyone?

The Power Broker Bust (pt 2 of 4)

Somethings I Just Don’t Control There is an art to controlling what you can, and letting go of the rest.  I call it BEING in your own business.  So much time is wasted focusing on what is not in our control, that we are left fatigued, emotionally depleted, and oftentimes depressed.  It feels helpless to…


Control.  What does it mean when someone says that you are “too controlling” or, “Look Jane, this is out of your control!” Out of our pop psychology generation, we picked up a lot of terms that show we really understand what is going on.  (Or NOT) “This is my issue, not yours.” “It’ not you,…

What if we Lost Our Ability to Choose?

I shop regularly at a grocery store in my community called Choices Markets.  They carry organic foods and supplements, herbs and oils, recycled toilet tissue and imported bamboo clothing.  They even offer electric scooters to save fuel and nowadays, big bucks. I make a choice to spend a bit more money now on staples, to…