(Announcement: The ABC’s of Golden Zen have gone audio.
Now you have a choice.)

Speaking of a choice – I would love to know your preferences.

1. If you had a choice, would you marry for money or stick with
    the life you have now.  (Assuming of course, you did not marry for money!)
    If you did marry for money – you should write a post about that on your
    blog.  I have a “friend” who would love to read about it.  🙂

2. If you had a choice, would you own a MAC or a PC? ( An IPhone or a Blackberry?)

3. If you had a choice to suck oranges or lemons before you gave a presentation, would you suck  lemons?  (They are great for the vocal chords, but not the best for facial expression)  

It looks pretty at the moment but give her 10 seconds!
It looks pretty at the moment but give her 10 seconds!

4. If you had a choice between eating chocolate when you want to and being a world-class model, would you go for the taste?

5. If you had a choice to live in any other moment of your life, would you choose this moment?

6. If you had a choice to fly with your own set of wings would you still want a Ferrari?

 What a rush!

7. If you had a choice to see more video or hear more audio on blogs, would you still read or pull out the headset?

Your answers are vital.   Feel free to answer one, or answer them all.  You may in fact want to throw out one of your own BIG QUESTIONS and see what response you get.  In fact, if you have blog join in the fun.  Find out what choice your readers would make about things you feel you simply MUST know.  Have some fun!

Stay tuned: Next Monday’s post is all about CHOICES.  Do we really have the power of choice in our lives or do some just like to think they do?  Is life fixed before we get here, or patched up as we go along?  

In the Grace of the Moment,
And smiling,

Thank you to Haunta at Flickr for the lemon shot : http://flickr.com/photos/hanuta/118353783/ and to Neloqua for the lovely set of wings http://flickr.com/photos/neloqua/187965257/



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  1. Robin Birch says:

    Hi there Harmony!

    1. Would never marry for money. My own life confirms that, but I don’t want to write about it online.
    2. MAC all the way (we have 6 at the moment)
    3. I like lemons, but I wash my face before a presentation.
    4. Oh yeah chocolate
    5. There’s only one moment, isn’t there? (hehe)
    6. I’ve never wanted a Ferrari! Wings sound good.
    7. I tend to read, actually.

    I’m glad my answers are VITAL!

  2. 1. No, I will not marry for money.
    2. Choice as in all money in the world choice? MAC look better but I have never used one for more than a few minutes, and they always seem more expensive, specially versus a PC loaded with linux software.
    3. Only if lemons do really work and don’t leave me with a horrible expression on my face.
    4. Time to munch a carrot 🙂 , it fills you up without making you fat.
    5. Ahh, the perfect moment, we never know where it lies, why not just now?
    6. Restricted to a road when I can soar over the alps?
    7. Well, there are video and audio casts and I’m still reading. However I think text can complement media nicely, while being a lighter, cheaper and faster way to bring content.

  3. goldenzen says:

    Good Morning! What a way to wake up – grab a coffee, meditate, open my laptop and find 2 people who live around the world waiting for me in my inbox at Goldenzen.
    Don’t you people ever sleep? :-)))))))

    ^/> Robin- I am with you, why be skinny when there is chocolate to be found.

    ^/> I love sports cars- but wings that wide, with freedom that high…not much competition so far.

    But you know, I think there may be some who still might love the horses under the hood!

  4. surjit says:

    It is a good past time. Change is always better.

  5. goldenzen says:

    Surjit, I believe this is the first time I have seen hahaha from you…with!!! Blessings!

  6. Writer Dad says:

    1) I would marry for money no sooner than I would marry for a wooden leg.
    2) Mac
    3) Oranges
    4) Chocolate, but change that pasta and I don’t even need to furrow the brow to answer.
    5) Yes
    6) No
    7) I’d prefer to read; I love the way words swim across the page.

  7. goldenzen says:

    ^/> Writer Dad,
    Great to have you visit the site. Your choices are most welcome! Pasta is a personal favorite of mine also, but after all, I am a girl. Chocolate wins over almost anything. :->)

  8. 1) Never marry for money, I can make my own.
    2) PC, wouldn’t know what to do with a Mac, would have to go bother Brett.
    3)Lemons, I can control my face, I smile no matter what.
    4)Chocolate- every day- no matter what.
    5)Right now this moment is where I am supposed to be.
    6)Fly with my own wings-that’s not even a choice.
    7)Read all the way.

  9. Ellen Wilson says:


    I would suck lemons to get it over with. But then, what if I had a lemon life? What would I do then? Because it would never be over. Well, of course it would some day.

    I could make lemonade from the lemons. Then sell it.

    I didn’t marry for money. But why not? Is it evil? Do you love the person? Or the money? Could you learn to love the person? Or would this not be a choice? Money is a loaded issue for us. And when you get married it can be a testy issue.

    I could go on and on with words on ideas on words on ideas on this subject so I better stop! It doesn’t matter.

    Sure, get married for money! Try it!

    I think when you do get married it is an interesting exercise in a lot of things. I have been thinking a lot about relationships as a spiritual practice these days.

    Are relationships here to please us or make us happy?

    Hands together,

    Interesting ideas Harmony.

  10. Davina says:

    Hi Harmony.

    1. I can hear the moral me screaming, “No I wouldn’t marry for money!” But I wonder though; it would depend on the entire package 🙂 My mother married for love 4 times and died a single woman with not a dime in her pocket.
    2. I’ve used both Mac and PC and don’t really have a preference now. Macs were my first love though.
    3. Niether oranges or lemons — I don’t do gluten, and I don’t do citrus either.

    Boy, I’m not being much help am I! I haven’t really picked one option over the other yet 🙂

    OK… recap.

    1. No; 2. Mac; 3. Oranges
    4. World-class model.
    5. I would choose another moment.
    6. Definitely fly with my own wings.
    7. Prefer reading over video and audio.

  11. Hi Harmony,

    What a wonderful post. I have to say “ditto” to the other answers. I think it proves we want to make the choices that make us happy, and not the choices that could give us material possessions.

  12. Simon says:

    1) No, of course I wouldn’t marry for money. And if I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit it.
    2) PC or Mac? I chose a PC. I know Macs are better but I love getting angry at Bill Gates.
    3) Oranges or lemons before a presentation? It has to be a cup of strong coffee.
    4) Chocolate or catwalk? I’m a guy but I still choose chocolate. I don’t think modeling was ever a viable option for me.
    5) Which moment? These are all great questions but this is the best. Of course there are magic moments I’d love with all my heart to go back to, but every moment is wonderful if we only allow ourselves to tune into it.
    6) I’ve never wanted a Ferrari. I’m sure the wings would be great once I got the trick of them. Do we get tuition or just pushed out of the nest?
    7) Text or multimedia? This is kind of challenging for me, because I have a real problem with eye pain *but* I take in information better by reading. So what I really like is choice. Thanks so much for providing one here with some of your posts!

    Thanks for the fun, Harmony, and good luck with your new web site!

    (The lemon photo is great as well!)

  13. I love this!

    1. Nope, not if meant giving up the trust or goofy laughs I’m gifted with.
    2. Mac. I’m told the hype is worth believing.
    3. Lemons. Less sticky.
    4. Chocolate, all the way.
    5. I wish I was cool enough to say “now,” but to be honest, the moments spent surrounded by family and friends are so precious, and now ain’t one of ’em.
    6. Wings, please. Such freedom.
    7. Video. Otherwise I end up listening to one thing and trying to read another, and nothing makes sense.

  14. goldenzen says:


    You can make your own! But can he? hahahahah
    Thanks for participating!

  15. goldenzen says:

    You hit it for me. I think the issue goes way beyond the money…it defines what we think love is all about. Is it an emotion? Is it chemisty and passion? Is it the “father or mother” for our unborn children…?

    Hands together
    Mouth saying NAMASTE

  16. goldenzen says:

    You crack me up! Gluten free excludes lemons and oranges too??????????/

    Marry for money – heck be loved, be rich and have time to write. 🙂

    Thanks for coming by!

  17. goldenzen says:


    Love it the moment comment…moments you would love to go back to but love the moment you are in…and….
    dare we say………..
    Perhaps consciousness can be both.????

    I wouldn’t really want to see you do the catwalk in a bikini either.

    Blessings – thanks for the feedback. I am interesting in learning the mediums people prefer.


  18. goldenzen says:

    THANKS for coming by and playing with us. At least this moment was playful for you. You have a “family” around here. This bunch, and where we all hang out, seems to be one supportive lovely place.
    Heading over to visit you.

  19. Harmony,

    What great questions!

    1. No, wouldn’t marry for money. I’d rather be happy than rich.

    2. I’ve owned both. Loved my Mac but PC is used more in business so I have a PC.

    3. Neither. I’d drink my Zen coffee.

    4. Definitely the chocolate.

    5. I’ve had many treasured moments in my life and can re-visit them in my memory whenever I want. The present is all there is–it’s a gift; that’s why it’s called the ‘present’–one fleeting moment in time before it becomes the past and you’re in the future which is now the present.

    6. Wings!

    7. Definitely reading. I love words.

    I think we always have the power of choice; it’s our spiritual birthright. Nothing is predestined because we create our own reality and we make it up as we go along.

  20. 1. No.
    2.PC. Macs lead going crazy.
    3. Lemon – it would inspire me more.
    4. Chocolate, I don’t want to be a model.
    5. I would choose this moment because I’ve already been given the opportunities of my past moments. If I live them again, my accomplishments won’t be the same.
    6. No. Flying would be the bomb.
    7. I would read the words. Though I do enjoy videos here and there.

    Fun blog. I will subscribe.

  21. tobeme says:

    1. stick with my life
    3. Lemons
    4. Eat when I want to
    5. This moment
    6. No
    7. Still read

  22. goldenzen says:

    ^/> Gloria – great comments! You are right, we are creators. I am with you on coffee. I thought you might like my latest find: Drink Coffee you can sleep when you die.

    ^/> Bamboo – Oh I don’t know, modelling may be in your furure yet. 🙂

    ^/> tobeme – not marry for money eh? Boy, not many takers on that one. Do people marry for broke? 🙂 Thanks for participating.

    Blessings to all!

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