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(Announcement: The ABC’s of Golden Zen have gone audio.
Now you have a choice.)

Speaking of a choice – I would love to know your preferences.

1. If you had a choice, would you marry for money or stick with
    the life you have now.  (Assuming of course, you did not marry for money!)
    If you did marry for money – you should write a post about that on your
    blog.  I have a “friend” who would love to read about it.  🙂

2. If you had a choice, would you own a MAC or a PC? ( An IPhone or a Blackberry?)

3. If you had a choice to suck oranges or lemons before you gave a presentation, would you suck  lemons?  (They are great for the vocal chords, but not the best for facial expression)  

It looks pretty at the moment but give her 10 seconds!

It looks pretty at the moment but give her 10 seconds!

4. If you had a choice between eating chocolate when you want to and being a world-class model, would you go for the taste?

5. If you had a choice to live in any other moment of your life, would you choose this moment?

6. If you had a choice to fly with your own set of wings would you still want a Ferrari?

 What a rush!

7. If you had a choice to see more video or hear more audio on blogs, would you still read or pull out the headset?

Your answers are vital.   Feel free to answer one, or answer them all.  You may in fact want to throw out one of your own BIG QUESTIONS and see what response you get.  In fact, if you have blog join in the fun.  Find out what choice your readers would make about things you feel you simply MUST know.  Have some fun!

Stay tuned: Next Monday’s post is all about CHOICES.  Do we really have the power of choice in our lives or do some just like to think they do?  Is life fixed before we get here, or patched up as we go along?  

In the Grace of the Moment,
And smiling,

Thank you to Haunta at Flickr for the lemon shot : and to Neloqua for the lovely set of wings



Whistle While You Work

I am convinced there is more to life than working hard, staying insanely busy and putting in more time at the office.  In fact, I am banking on it!

Let's Pucker Up and Enjoy Ourselves While We Work










The world’s wealthiest people don’t think about how they need to work harder to make more money.  They think smart.  They send their dollars out to work for them like soldiers in an army.   $$$

I am convinced that that the real power to succeed comes when there is the time, focus, and state of mind to “whistle while you work”.  The intention is to stay loose, enjoy, be present, see the magic, and be in the moment.



I have “blown the whistle” at my blog BEST LIFE BLOG newly released with a new website I launched this month:   Feel free to drop by for a visit.  It may not relate to your needs, but the blog posts are about mixing Goldenzen lifestyles, principles, values and practices with a successful business life.

I am throwing out the question: How do you “whistle” while you work?  What do you do to keep yourself happy in the face of the routine of the office, construction site, sales route, computer screen, etc…?  We learn from one another, and in this day of such a high degree of work dissatisfaction, we could benefit from your wisdom.

In The Grace of the Moment,


PS  My respectful thanks to the artists who share their work with the world.  Today’s Apology on the Wall comes from Flikr:  – chichard41 has a professional photostream to view.

Silver Medal – Golden Effort

I watched in awe tonight as Olympic athletes dazzled millions of viewers and challenged my courage and determination.

I couldn’t help but wonder why I have given up so easy, been persuaded to lose, lost sight of my goals, and quit because I was exhausted.   I am of course inspired and bewildered.

Tonight a BC athlete won a silver medal after a grueling 11/2 hour triathlon competition.  I could go into long detail about the race and the competition, but the point might be lost.

Simon Whitfield wins a silver Medal

Simon Whitfield wins a silver Medal

Simon Whitfield taught me a great lesson.  In the last 15-30 seconds of the triathlon, when every cell in his body screamed in pain for oxygen and relief, he executed his winning KICK.  Running in a pack of 4 outstanding male athletes, he repeated what won him a gold medal in the same sport in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.  He kicked it into high gear and sprinted.  All of a sudden, after falling at the back of the pack, he astounded the crowds with a surge that came, not from his weary body, but his unwillingness to cross that line 4th or 5th.

How unwilling am I to quit what I know is my life intention?  Racked with pain, drenched in humid heat that drained every once of energy, and apparently falling behind, Simon used his intention and transmuted that energy into physical stamina and determination.  He just wouldn’t give up or in.

Oh sure, I am proud that he is Canadian and from my own province.  I am proud of all the athletes from around the world.  It’s not the competition that I find arresting, it is the single-mindedness, the pinpoint intention that allowed Simon Whitfield to experience the joy and the honor you can see in this photo.

In Zen, we see ourselves in others, in nature, in space, in all things.  If Simon can move through pain into the pursuit of his dream, you and I can run our race to the finish.

My blessed readers, we have so much to cheer about.  We are in life to live it to its utmost. 

Thank you to all the athletes who have inspired the world to “be” our best selves.  And thank you in advance to my readers – would you share what you do get yourself to the finish line of your dreams?

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS  Many thanks to RICHARD LAUTENS / TORONTO STAR for the brilliant photo and story at

The Eclipse

Facing Shadows

This Saturday, August 16th, 2008 there will be a partial lunar eclipse.  Those folks living in Africa, Europe, parts of Australia and South America will be able to view the variance of light and form.

No light and therefore, no shadows.

Always at my side

My other self- always nearby

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get weary of seeing my shadow and maybe the shadows of those I love.  I am all for being the best I can be yada yada yada.  But honestly, my shadows, my darker side – the behaviors and secret intentions I try to hide can be disturbing and sometimes ugly.

I know, I know.  The Zen way would embrace the shadow and recognize the unity of all things.
And, I should do that. 

But sometimes, I prefer an eclipse. 

I love the light.  Although I look a lot older when I see myself in full daylight,
(did someone say WRINKLES!), I like the warm and enchanted feeling I get from light rays, both solar and lunar.  Yet hidden within the bright dance of atoms, there is the haunting shadow that lurks behind, waiting to appear at the most unsuspecting moment.

Have you been surprised or even scared by the shadows of those you love the most?

If it’s not my darker mishaps I have to deal with, it seems to be those ugly monsters slinking behind those I adore that cast a spell on my senses and send me reeling.

When I don’t know what to do, and my silence has been muddled in a gong show from my ego, I know where to go.  I go to my GOLDEN Zen: Ginger.

She reminds me that light shines from within and happiness is a fleeting plaything.   She can be content in any situation and offers little resistance to what she dislikes.   Instead, she changes focus.

She rests much more than I and makes no apology for being quiet.  She forgives me before I ask. Her love knows no resentment and welcomes even my dismal displays.

Sometimes self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others is just an acceptance of shadows.  Part of being in the light is our agreement to live in unison with what is hidden.

…Making friends with ‘ID,” as Freud would say.

But for this weekend, Saturday night (early Sunday am), I am going to relish in the dark and enjoy the lack of expectation I experience when I can’t see my way and everything is a surprise.

In the Grace of the Moment,

PS I am so grateful to the artists who help me say what I try so hard to say with words.  Special thanks to: I. Anton who has an amazing display of photos at Flickr:  and to Daniel Piulet for the use of his enormous gaze into the sky and moon.  You can find his display of photos at

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