Sometimes Silence is the Only Way

Have you ever known the best place for you to be is in silence?

silent listening
silent listening

Some folks find their way out of deep rivers through sharing the experience with others.  They lovingly receive life and energy through the heartfelt communication with friends.

Some folks tend to find the strength required to find their way through silent stillness and inner transformation that lovingly retreats from too much talk.

A lot of change has transpired in my life in the past two years, and some things required action and courage not common to me.  I admit, I had to retreat into my stillness to find my own ability to “see” things for what they are rather than how they appear.

I have been contacted personally by many readers and that lovingly extension is sincerely appreciated.  Others, have wished me well in your own way, and I am grateful.  If you are reading this note today after my silent withdrawal, I appreciate that you would take note of my post and visit.

I am so eager now to wander the globe of blogs and visit my friends and family in the blogosphere.

In the Grace of the Moment,


P.S.  I read a post that describes my experience so well.  The author, Jennifer, describes how a stick became a person.  I can’t help but think of how silence became my strength.  Check out this uplifting entry:


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  1. Hi Harmony,
    Just wanted to welcome you back into loving arms.
    Sometimes we have to be silent to listen to the force inside.

    Wishing you blessings. 😀

  2. Hi Harmony,

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you and your beautiful writings. I see you left a comment on my blog, and am hoping you’ll find to visit again soon.

    I have you in my reader, so will be notified of your future posts.

    It’s great having you back. 🙂

  3. Davina says:

    Hi Harmony! I’ve been waiting for you 🙂

    Glad to see you back here in the blogosphere. Funny, but I haven’t checked my reader in a while and just today I did on the same day that you’ve posted.

    Check out Liz Strauss’s blog. She just finished a Blog-to-Show weekend that lists over 260 blogs:

    That will ease you back…

  4. goldenzen says:

    Hello Davina,

    you are so kind, but let me promise you – I don’t need another 260 blogs to “ease me in” -HELP. It’s enough to keep us with my 100 or so blog contacts. Which reminds me to say how fortunate I feel to think that amid all the words populating the air space on any given day, that a reader would take the time to read mine.

    I so appreciate your words and your spirit. I have so much to learn from you about blogging.

    I have missed your soulfull way of capturing my attention. Thank you for all the encouragement you sent to me over the past couple months.


  5. Robin says:

    Hi Harmony – I just got up this morning to find that YOU’RE BACK!!! Fantastic!

    love from Rob

  6. fruitu says:

    hi i am visiting your blog for the first time, it is interesting, keep posting. sometimes silence is the only way, nice way to put your thought, inner silence is the key, the inner peace or calm will allow you to be in tune with your self.

    All the best

  7. Arkay says:

    Welcome back Harmony. You have been greatly missed, but i do know the need for solitude. I will check out that link in a bit.

    P.S. How’s Ginger?

  8. Simon says:

    Hi Harmony – I read Jennifer’s post. I’m glad you’re now at the stage where you’re eating the raspberries!

    I think we have to be open to find the truth. But as you say, different people have different ways to achieve this. Some of us keep on talking and wait for the truth to emerge. The rest prefer to fall silent and simply listen.

    Thank you for letting me know you are back. I’m delighted to see you posting here again.

  9. goldenzen says:

    *Hi Robin – thanks for staying in touch, and keeping me up to date. 🙂

    *Fruito-so glad to see you here and that you took a moment to comment. You are always a valued guest here.

    *Arkay- Hello dear friend. Ginger has been my spiritual coach in silence and play the past couple months. She is magic love for me. thanks for asking.

    *Simon- YES…eating the fruit of the quiet self care. Good point. Great article at your site also. Thanks for you kind support and for staying in touch over the last couple of months. I am so blessed.


  10. surjit says:

    Welcome back Harmony.Eagerly waiting to benefit from your wisdom.

    ‘Silence…a great art of conversation..’

  11. wendikelly says:

    Hi Harmony,

    I am Happy for you that you have found the place of tranquility. Also that you are back! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know, it put a big smile on my face!

  12. goldenzen says:

    Thank you Surjit and Wendy for you kind comments. It feels good to be with friends for sure.

  13. mergingpoint says:

    We all need THAT space within to rediscover the strength as clarity and awareness. Action arising from withdrawal indeed emanates THAT fragrance.
    Silently being…. wonderfully expressed Harmany!!!

  14. Molly Brogan says:

    “It is very hard to live with silence. The real silence is death and this is terrible. To approach this silence, it is necessary to journey to the desert. You do not go to the desert to find identity, but to loses it, to lose your personality, to be anonymous. You make yourself void. You become silence. You become more silent than the silence around you. And then something extraordinary happens: you hear silence speak.” – unknown

    LOVE your blog. Molly Brogan

  15. Harmony says:

    HOLY MOLY, Molly what a quote!

    “you become silence. You become more silent than the silence around you. And then something extraordinary happens: YOU HEAR SILENCE speak.”

    How rich!

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