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Harmony had Left the Building

Hello My Dear Readers and Guests,

I apologize for being absent for the past few weeks.  I have missed communing with you.  I have been ill, and this week, although really improving in health, I have had to spend time catching up with many client expectations.

I expect to be back on my regular posting next week and look forward to exchanging ideas and energy with each of you.  This week I will be updating all my comment sections.  I sincerely appreciate all who help the blog BE, by adding your insights and stories.

Thank you to all of you who went out of your way to contact me personally.  It is amazing the bond that builds between souls despite any geographical distances.   I am grateful to be a part of such a community.

In the Grace of the Moment,



Help! I Want To Lose My Mind

It’s not a request you hear everyday.  Most of us are quite happy to have our minds intact.
Why would anyone inquire about how to lose their train of thought?

There used to be a constant chatter in my head from worry, past regrets, future concerns, social injustices, sad circumstances, news reports, the state of economy, pain in my body, and the rumors of impending doom in the stock market and gas prices was out of control!  There was so much going on in my head that I was dizzy with mindless drizzle.

I needed to lose my train of thought.


Losing your mind is not as insane as you may think.

When you are able to lose the mind’s chatter, you have a chance at knowing your true self, and your limitless potential. In the stillness of a seeming void, where no thoughts and persistent doubts are present, life is teeming with potentiality. Your best self resides amidst space, stillness, and silent pause.

In the active mind, the egoic discourse keeps you so preoccupied, that the unlimited you is hard to recognize.


How do we begin the conscious act of losing our mind?

Unlike the alternative, the conscious loss of thought is a choice we make to step aside and view ourselves, from outside our thoughts. You already do it at times: like when you say, ‘I thought to myself,” or “I said to myself” or better yet, “I couldn’t help but ask myself.” Who is doing the asking, and who is listening?

Why you of course.

Common signs of insanity come when people are not able to make a conscious choice to see themselves as they are, and they choose instead to allow the fear, the memories, or the hopelessness they feel to take charge of their minds.  I don’t recommend this approach.

There is a grand alternative.  The choice to begin to SLOW down the machine in your skull, to BEGIN to observe it’s constant chatter, to LISTEN to the sounds of silence that occasionally occur throughout the day, and LET GO of the need to do all this perfectly or in any order or within a given time frame.


The state of conscious freedom is spontaneous for some.  I have only known a couple of people who seemed to transform “overnight.”  The majority of folks “awaken” slowly, like a hibernating bear in her cave.  As we begin the journey from here to a healthy state of MINDLESSNESS, I urge you to practice non-judgment towards yourself. What you will hear in your head, and the words you’ll feel exiting your lips, will utterly surprise and amaze you.  You will begin to understand how close to insanity you have been for so long; insanity of course meaning a life that doesn’t make much sense.



So how do you begin?

My suggestion for this week is two simple observations:

1. Stop often.  Stop and pay attention to what you are thinking.  When you are driving to work, looking at a website, changing the sheets on the bed, reading your child a story at bedtime, or getting the oil changed on the car.  Simply stop and pay attention.  The person who pays attention, is noticing the thoughts of the mind.  The person, who pays attention is beyond thought. For now, if you can experience this observation for once or twice a day and do that for the next week, something interesting will become obvious to you.  Please come back and share it in the comments if you like.
2. Notice only.  No judgments allowed.  This week is a time for tuning into the endless chatter channel in your brain.  The very act of noticing is a phase of awareness to be honored and appreciated.  If you allow yourself to fall into judgment, you are practicing the unhealthy insanity that many of our homeless friends and mental patients experience.  Our objective is only to observe and appreciate the observation.  (Come back and share – we’ve all so much to learn.)

Next week, I will share with you some of the practical tips you can use to help your mind slow down and become restful.   When the mind is at ease, you are able to tap into the unlimited “void” or “space” where LIFE permeates your being and sets your soul soaring; where the idea or desire to “be happy” is utterly and abundantly possible.

In the Grace of the Moment,





Are You BIG Enough To Take Up Space?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the ways I serve my community is as a teacher.  I teach adults how to start their own business.  Most of them are new entrepreneurs, and writing a business plan is enough to railroad their business before it ever gets on the right “track”. 

There are all kinds of roadblocks: how to research, how to market, and how to read a financial statement. 

The most glaring monster of all is the competitive analysis.  Some students believe knowing that someone else is doing what they are doing, perhaps better than they can do it, is enough for them to throw in the towel.

Others may be doing what you do, dreaming what you dream, or daring to go beyond their limits, but there is always room for you. 



There is a story from Jewish Biblical history where the Israelites were at war with another country.  They sent scouts on a reconnaissance mission.  They returned exhausted, hungry and scared.  “We are like grasshoppers in their sight!” they cried.

They were grasshoppers, or small insects without a hope this side of Eden to win the battle.  So small in fact, I doubt whether the enemy ever saw them!  The soldiers had come to their own limited conclusion about themselves.  They compared themselves to others; a trademark of those who suffer.  They eventually won the battle, but not until the King gave them the pep talk of all pep talks and reminded them who they were.  The enemy knew it already, but the Israelites had forgotten.

Are you using your power to see less of yourself, to feel inferior, to cringe away from a new challenge because you feel insignificant or unimportant?  How is that possible, unless you have your eyes on someone else?

Eleanor Roosevelt said it well: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

No one can make you feel anything about yourself that you don’t feel about yourself already.

This applies to love relationships, starting new businesses, and offering your gifts or talents to the world.

Have you ever heard yourself say, “You make me feel so stupid,” or “He made me so angry?”
Not possible.  You do feel the way you feel, but the feeling was your choice.



All my life I have lived at bookstores.  I love the authors, the ideas, the pages, the print, the smell of the pages, the font, the shelves…shall I continue? 

For most of my life, I left the bookstore confused.  On one hand, I enjoyed meeting the ideas who were hiding behind the covers.  But, I was confused.  I believed that everything worth writing was written by someone better, with more knowledge and skill than I could ever hope to acquire.  How would I ever get published? 

That feeling, that confusion, that trip downstairs to my lower self, was my choice.  No one in the store made me feel it, no author penned their words thinking, “This should put Harmony in her place.”  I had feelings that my worth was meager, so my words were worth pennies at best.

What is your dream?  What battles lie in wait for you?  How have you overcome them?  As always, feel free to share your ideas with us. 

Don’t ask if there enough room for you, but are you BIG enough to take up the space?

In the Grace Of the Moment,


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