We Are Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Here at Golden Zen, Ginger and I are rolling out the red carpet for some very special friends of ours.  We want to honor those to whom honor is due.

Here is how it all started:

I received a surprise email from someone I had never met but had seen around in the blogosphere.  She informed me that Golden Zen was to be her next “site of the week” and that she would write a post about us, and promote us.

Needless to say, I was surprised.  I went to visit her site, and found that sure enough, the site existed and was featuring Golden Zen.  What do you say to such a kindness?

Instantly my mind kicked into action. (Oh no, look out, wreckage flying!)  If she gave me this favor, what could I do in return?  Blah, blah, blah.  To be honest, it was my ego that went “crazy” because someone was doing me a favor, and I had to be seen in a “good light”.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I am all for etiquette and generosity and respect, but my response came from a head game that gets me into trouble.  I have a knack for wanting to jump into action and begin repaying before I have even enjoyed the gift someone offers.  No stillness there, let me tell you.

So, I stopped and breathed and asked myself, “How do you really want to respond”?
I want to be grateful, to be gracious, and receive.  No drama.  No posturing.  Simply accept.

So I say a big welcome to all of Barbara’s friends at Blogging Without A Blog!  You are more than welcome here.  Please nose around and make yourself feel at home.  You have to meet Ginger.

I will be making my rounds to meet you too.

While I am on the topic of red carpets, I am reminded of the “Butterfly Effect.”  It is a movie yes, but it is a scientific fact, that all things trigger other things and we never know where they will go.
I read some great stuff on the butterfly effect this week at  6 Weeks.   It was picked up by another great blog Wilson’s Words And Pictures  and a great discussion metamorphosized.

And finally, Barbara’s actions have inspired me to think of the “pay it forward” concept.

There is one blog that I would like to pay it forward to on a regular basis.  He is the first person I connected with after I posted Golden Zen.  In fact, I wrote to him and asked him to give me some guidance, which he did without hesitation.  Here was a guy I didn’t know from Adam, who lived in England, and he became an instant friend.  I am grateful.  No wonder his site is called Secret To Life , because Simon certainly a secret to life going for him.

I am grateful for every reader.  Those who leave comments are leaving a path for butterflies to follow. 

In the Grace of the Moment,


Photo Credits: Thanks so much to those who offer such a wonderful compliment to words. http://sixuntilme.com/blog-mt2/blog_images/2007July/red_carpet.jpg
Keng: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kengz/245129155/



11 Comments Add yours

  1. observa1 says:

    Hi Harmony,

    WOW! I love the red carpet. I feel honored that my small gesture of kindness, was so well received.

    As with all the the new bloggers who have held the title of NBOTW, it is their blogs that deserve the credit. You all are great writers and freely share all that you know, learned, or are learning. It’s that unselfishness that moves me to showcase your blogs, and hopefully bring a little bit of attention to your site.

    As we all grow in blogsphere, it’s much more enjoyable if we can do it together as a community, helping each other, encouraging each other and sharing in each other’s milestones.

    Thank you again for the regal treatment. Many thanks to Ginger too.

    Barbara Swafford

  2. Brett Legree says:

    Hi Harmony,

    Thank you for your kind words today. There really is more to the butterfly effect than we know. I really believe that if we act as though we are all here to help each other, and do just one kind thing for someone each day, it will snowball.

    And you did that today, with your words. You’ve left me with a smile. 🙂


  3. Wow Harmony, when you said on Barbara’s site that you were rolling out the red carpet, I didn’t think you meant literally!

    I was just reading about the “pay it forward” concept on another site. I think I’m going to have to watch that movie again to refresh my memory. But in the movie, they were doing three big favors for three people. “Big” like giving a stranger a brand new Jaguar. But we can also make a difference by doing much smaller things. The butterfly effect will take care of the rest.

  4. Marion says:

    Simon is a great, kind and knowledgeable friend who always goes the extra mile. Isn’t it great how the internet allows one to connect so easily with others of like mind?

    Thanks for your visit this morning, Harmony…and as I read your comment, I noticed Snow blowing gently outside my window. No, Spring hasn’t shown many signs here in the Cariboo as yet.

  5. Ellen says:

    Thanks for introducing me to all these new people, Harmony. I look forward to visiting all of these new sites!

    Yes, we are all interconnected and a community of bloggers helping and caring for one another is a good thing. You will hear me blah, blah about that too.

    I like how you have woven everything together here. It is like a Sangha – from a true Roshi. Thanks. E

  6. wendikelly says:

    Hi Barbara..you have found a nice place over here at Harmony’s “house” I’ll be right over to check your place out.


    I love the red carpet.

    The Pay it Forward concept has been a really cool concept to me for a long time and one of my favorite movies.

  7. Simon says:

    Thanks so much for ‘paying it forward’ to me, Harmony – a really nice surprise! I’m just happy to have been able to give you a small amount of guidance to help you launch your brilliant blog…

    Thanks for your comment too, Marion. I’m really pleased that you two have connected up!

  8. goldenzen says:

    Many thanks to each visitor and for those of you that added your comments. I had such a heavy teaching and client schedule this week, I got a bit behind on my blog.

    @observa1: You are such a blessing to mention my blog and encourage visitors to come experience Golden Zen. I am looking forward to being a part of the team following your NBOTW series, and finding other new sites to encourage. You set a benchmark for me Barbara.

    @Brett: The butterfly effect is always in action, good or bad, whether we are conscious of it or not. Thanks for remindinding us of that.

    @Hunter – Great to see you. If only I had a photographer to snap photos of you all. Pay it forward is so powerful…simply paying the toll booth fee for the car behind you, or the latte at your favorite cafe for someone else, can make quite an impact.
    I saw a woman pay the fare for a fellow passenger on the bus the other day. It started quite the conversation among passengers.

    @Marion, you are right! That is why Simon is blog mentor. 🙂 SNOW? Oh my. I think I am spoiled.

    @Ellen, the weaving is the butterfly effect in action! You are so welcome . Enjoy your new contacts.

    @Wendikelly- great to see you. I am interested: how do you see the benefits of pay it forward in your life?

    @Simon- Simon we connected because of you. You are so generous with your connections on your site. Thank you for your continued encouragement. Many blessings!

  9. wendikelly says:

    The answer to how the concept of Pay it Forward has been working in my life can, should and probably will be a book. Long, long before that movie ever came out. I was taught by my mom, who was taught by her mom, and by hers..and down the line.

    When I got pregnant at 16, I moved out of my mom’s house. I got my own apartment and two jobs to pay my own way and take care of my daughter. My mother wouldn’t give me any money, because I was associating with people who made bad choices about money and she knew I would feel sorry for them and give them money. But every week she would bring over healthy food and groceries so that me and the baby had good food on the table.

    I would always say “Thanks, Mom, I’ll pay you back”
    She would say, you don’t owe me, you owe somebody in the future who will need your help”

    That was the beginning..it goes on from there…it’s way too long for this little space. 🙂

  10. goldenzen says:

    WOW, now that is a mom with some insight.
    Thank you Wendikelly for taking the time to write that out for all of us!

  11. Liara Covert says:

    We are each a kind of butterfly in the process of our own personal transformation. Its a pleasure to encourage and dialogue in ways that raise awareness in others and myself.

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