The H,I,J, and K of Golden Zen

The following I offer as a continuing series based on the ABC’s of Golden Zen.  The purpose is to allow the concepts to be read without much commentary and absorbed by the reader at your level of consciousness.   You are always free to comment or ask questions.

H – Harmony:  In Golden Zen we recognize that the events and people in our lives are part of the harmony ( symphony, accord, concord, concordance, concurrence, consonance, rapport, tune, unity) of the universe.  Every one is connected somehow to the other, and each bringing us tokens from the world we don’t physically see and yet where we all belong.

I – Intelligence: You may remember from your science studies that the human body, plant life, and undersea mysteries are intricately woven in an intelligent complexity that baffles even the brilliant scientific mind. Can you even imagine the intelligence of entire Universe?  This is, if for no other reason, a powerful reason to learn how to be still and silent and visit the “void.”  The intricacies that exist, all in simplistic intention, can center you, and make the complex seem simple.

J- Jubilee: Golden Zen celebrates freedom.  In the biblical days, the Jewish people were commanded to celebrate a yearlong period of freedom, where people must quit working, slaves were to be set free, and if you had lost your land to anyone for any reason it was to be restored.  For us it is a celebration of imperfection.  Everyone gets a fresh new start – not from working for it or striving or conniving, but as a gift of grace, a restoration, a new day!

K -Kindness: This heart of kindness begins with oneself, finding the generous heart within to show kindness to your “form” without.  Many moral standards and religious ideals talk about kindness, to go so far as to put ourselves last and others first as a way of being kind and spiritual.  Of course, there are times for sacrifice, and we don’t diminish that expression.  Kindness to others however, can become strained when offered by a worn out heart and body.  Begin with yourself, with words and actions that honor the creation that you are, and allow kindness to become your nature.

 In the Grace of the Moment,


Thank you to the fine photograpers at flickr: Adrian Warren



9 Comments Add yours

  1. anglhugnu2 says:

    I am often struck by how it is we, who fall into the practice THINKING our Self to be flawed and to then act upon the curricullum we design to be so. We have not a clue, it seems, that we can also will ourselves to remain as perfectly real and honest as we are.

    Eventually, every body will come to understand we are some one part (someone) of the The One (God’s) moment called Life.

    When that moment comes, in full, it will be there were The Final Judgement is made; we re-cognize how truly close we had been to the divine all along.

  2. surjit says:

    A very soul searching post using the following key words:
    Harmony: Every one is connected somehow to the other.(..and God)
    Intelligence: how to be still and silent and visit the “void.” (Recognising the self)
    Jubilee : celebration of imperfection..(Recognising our ignorance and limited knowledge)
    Kindness: kindness to become your nature..
    Thanks for this wisdom. God bless.

  3. liveforever says:

    Any time Harmony – you can stay with us! Frank and I can’t believe the number of prams we see down the street.

    Seems like you have your own fireworks, though!

    Lovely post!

  4. goldenzen says:

    Blessings to each reader. Liveforever, I have answered on her blog,
    Anglhugnu2 – I have edited your comment only slightly taking out the link to an ad. We do appreciate your visit tho!
    Surjit – Namaste!

  5. Paddi Moore says:

    Now this is it, what are we waiting for but the present moment? What else is there? Your site is beautiful as are you. Inspiring, soulful.
    Thank you for Being!!

  6. goldenzen says:

    Paddi, What a honor to have a sister here. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  7. Liara Covert says:

    Its uplifting to find meaning in the subtle nuances of our thoughts and behaviors. Every action has significance.

  8. David says:


    What a great blog you have here! I would add ‘inspiration’ to I too – the creativity within our souls, and the people that encourage us, allowing us to be who we are.

  9. goldenzen says:

    Thanks David, that is a good suggestion and may well be the I for round two. 🙂

    Liara- “every action has significance.” Just the thought of those words….

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