What Is Golden Zen?

What is Golden Zen ?

There are no hidden truths, no near death experiences, no hierarchy.
Golden Zen is the name I have offered my spiritual journey and understanding.
It is inspired by a lifetime of “seeking” and the occasional “find”.
It is ignited by the presence of a Golden Retriever named Ginger, who in her unassuming way, is teaching me how to be in the moment.

Golden Zen is a way of approaching life and its events

What can Golden Zen do for you?

Honestly, I am not sure.  I wish I could say it will change your life. 
It has completely altered mine.
What can happen I suppose, is up to you.  I will make no grandiose claims, but I would be interested to hear from you about your experience with the concepts.

Why am I sharing what seems to be an individual experience?

There are many reasons I guess.  I love to write and produce so blogging and producing audio and videos make me happy.  But that is the secondary reason.

The primary reason is because of the Two Birds.

Two Birds is the name I have given to a painting that was given to me over 20 years ago.
A young man named Grant painted it while still in high school.  When he gave it to me, I had no idea that it would be such a lasting presence in my life.  I have never gone without that picture in hanging on the wall in my dressing room.  For some reason, the love he put into his art, is a love I want to enjoy daily.  I have moved several times, and Two Birds has always moved with me.

Grant shared something of himself, and it has made a difference in my world.

I have a telephone in my home.  A. G. Bell gifted me with that, from his own imaginings. My laptop is powered by the ingenuity of Edison, whose curiosity helped to harness electricity.  I wear the efforts of people who work in factories and “sweat” to bring home food for their families.

I propose that who we are and what we give, whatever that is, has inherent meaning and once shared, takes on a whole new life…for someone.

Maybe you might be that someone for Golden Zen.

In the Grace of the Moment,

 Photo by http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/viewsingleimage.html?mode=singleimage&handle=4mygirls&number=13  Caption Reads:

This minus 10 degree day is TOO cold for a picnic at this roadside park today but it’s so beautiful I may just sit there in a snowsuit!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Arkay says:

    That is such a gorgeous photo. And your message is one of beauty too. It shows that you have been touched by three of the greatest things in life: Art created by man, beauty created by nature and love created by having an animal be close to you and teach you. Thank-you again for sharing. You’ve given me a lot to reflect on today.

  2. goldenzen says:

    I am quite taken with the kindness of your words. Thank you, my friend. I really enjoyed the art I saw on your site today. My favorite was a door that opened to my fantasies, whatever they may be.

  3. Robin says:

    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, too, Harmony. I REALLY appreciate it. Great photo on this post – maybe I’ll use it sometime 🙂
    I love golden things…
    (and yes we should keep in touch)

  4. surjit says:

    You have a wonderful blog.I have joined your community.
    God bless.

  5. goldenzen says:

    I so appreciate your presence here Surjit. Thank you.
    I also am a member of yours.

  6. Liara Covert says:

    Your mention of retriever leads me tothink you would enjoy one of my blog posts entitled Angel Retriever:

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