Nothing is as it seems.

I thought the man in the moon was the moon. 

I have been taught that from childhood.  The moon was always looking at our world and observing, bathing us in shimmering silver and lighting our path in the darkest night.

Now, I learn the moon is two-faced.  The side I don’t see is quite different from my rehearsed image.  Hiding behind, on the side of the moon I can’t see from earth, is a moon without the “deep seas” now filled with lava.

You can learn more about it at:

Does it make the moon any less my lunar friend?  Discovering that I don’t know everything, that I can’t label it as “got the t-shirt,” and realizing the picture is bigger than my natural mind can conceive, is delightful to the Golden Zen mind.

Uncertainty is in fact my friend.  It resides throughout my world of form and inspires me beyond my daily limitations.  There is so much more possible in this moment than I could ever imagine in my limited thinking. 

What seems solid, for sure, absolute, is only an illusion of my mind.  In reality, everything is moving, vibrating, evolving and making my world limitless.

Besides, I have never known a true friend who didn’t have a face most people don’t see. 


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  1. Secret Simon says:

    A nice post! I’m not impressed by the intelligent design theory, but if I were to think along those lines, then the moon is a nice touch: convenient night-time lighting. And the other side is where God’s hidden all the cheese.

  2. I didn’t know that about the moon. I guess just about everything has another side we’re not seeing. It makes you realize how much we don’t know. I’m glad you’re able to still be friends with the moon!

  3. goldenzen says:

    The side we don’t see is where the possiilities are! Thanks for your comments Simon and Hunter.

  4. Robin says:

    Hi Harmony – my partner and I constantly find it funny how people we know always turn out to be really weird when you get to know them well – or to put it another way, it’s not normal to be “normal”. Everyone has an acceptable face to present to the outside world! – even the moon!
    Like your theme – your blog is about as ‘old’ as mine! Cheers.

  5. goldenzen says:

    Hey Robin,
    It’s great that you stopped by.
    Your comment is so true! And I am not the same in all places at all times. I am so grateful that the people who love me, accept that. I guess I could “pass that forward”?

  6. Liara Covert says:

    Nothing and everything is as it seems. It is our perception which drapes a veil between us and the truth. The moon is a neat symbol that encourages opening the mind and soul.

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